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Waiting Room Experience – Making It Easier For Your Clients

Waiting rooms are usually the most ignored rooms in a company when it comes to design and furnishing. The offices and meeting rooms are the ones where all the ideas and hi-tech devices go. But if you think about it – isn’t the waiting room the first thing your clients get to see? Wouldn’t you want them to feel welcomed and relaxed? Here’s what you can do about it:

1. Provide a concept of the company

What does your company stand for? What do you want it to represent? What important skill you want to be seen? The overall look of the waiting room says a lot about your company, and the secret is in color of the walls and every item you choose to put in the room. For example, if you’re an advertising company, you want your waiting room to express the creativity of your business and your employees. Put that creativity in the decorations on the wall and in the choice of furniture. If you are in healthcare, choose clean lines, simple and comfortable furniture and soothing colors. The impression your company makes and the idea it represents start in the waiting room – make sure the clients understand and like it.

2. Keep the clients occupied

Nobody enjoys sitting in a waiting room, staring at blank walls and trying to entertain their own thoughts. If your clients have something interesting to do while they’re waiting, they are more likely to get into your office relaxed and ready to communicate positively.

First of all, provide your clients with interesting and useful information. It can be information on your business and your staff, or some useful stuff in relation to health, entertainment or food, depending on what you think the clients would be interested in at that moment. Magazines are always a good choice – they offer various themes for different types of people.

Technology simply cannot be omitted in a waiting room. A cool thing would be to set up a tablet or two, so a client can surf the net and have fun. If it’s too much for you, then you definitely need to provide an excellent Wi-Fi for clients to be able to use their smartphones. No need to look for cutting-edge technology like the newest 5G services, just make sure that the connection is strong and fast – it says something about your company.

In case it’s possible that children will be coming along, you need to have something for them, too. Interactive gaming projectors are growing in popularity and are germ-free, which is important to parents. These projectors can project games on walls and floors, needing the natural movements of the player, something that kids will simply enjoy. If you want to raise fun on another level, photo booth rental would be an excellent and unexpected choice for both parents and kids. The creativity in the waiting room shows just how creative your company is. Think about it.

3. Make the clients feel comfortable

Waiting rooms are essentially meant for sitting and waiting. That’s why you need your clients to feel comfortable while sitting. A sofa is the key piece of furniture here. If chosen wisely, it can be a focal center of the room and still be comfortable and relaxing.

Rugs play an important part, too. They add that cozy feeling of the room. They shouldn’t be plain and simple, but warm and welcoming. And they are not there just for the aesthetics part; they also provide good acoustics to the room.

Lightning can also uplift or ruin the atmosphere of the room. Forget about choosing cold and sterile light. Cleverly installed wall lamps and unusual chandeliers can add some magic to the room.

Of course, what makes a room feel more welcoming and cozy than having a piece of nature in it? A plant or two in the waiting room can show your clients it’s not all just about cold business in your company. There are people who care for things and enjoy to be surrounded by some greenery.

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