Unveiling Volkswagen’s MQB A0 Small Car Platform

Volkswagen’s new MQB A0 small car platform will see the well-known German car maker aim to place both its products and its customers above everything else. In fact, the German car giant’s development boss, Dr Frank Welsch, has pointed out: “We are still Volkswagen, but we want people to be more excited about our cars [and] we want to appeal to younger people. But with the qualities that our customers love, too.”

This guide will detail why you should be intrigued about the introduction of the MQB A0 platform:

A spotlight on the MQB platform

By releasing the MQB platform — the acronym standing for Modular Transverse Matrix — Volkswagen has already looked to standardise its vehicle components and production processes alike. As a result, the German manufacturer was able to begin producing a variety of vehicles from a host of its different brands on the same assembly line, though with the assurance that quality remained at the highest level possible and extremely competitive costs remained.

Motorists received their first opportunity to experience the MQB platform through the Volkswagen Golf. However, it should be acknowledged that the strategy has formed the basis of 58 vehicles over the years — representing around eight million sales. This is not just cars with the Volkswagen badge either, but also those from Audi, SEAT and Skoda.

The main features of the MQB platform are as follows:

1.      More appealing vehicle designs have been realised

The forward relocation of the front wheels designed on each vehicle produced using the MQB platform means incredibly balanced proportions as a result. All vehicles also boast optimised use of space for the occupants.

2.      Reduced pollution and fuel consumption have been achieved

Substantial reductions in the emissions of vehicles built using the MQB platform have been recorded. This is due to entirely redeveloped engine families, which are regularly trimmed to achieve lower CO2 figures through start-stop recuperation systems as standard, the innovation of active cylinder management in four-cylinder engines, EU-6 certification and a CNG option.

3.      The weight spiral has been reversed

A reversal of the weight spiral has been realised on vehicles created using the MQB platform, thanks to a blend of materials with ultra-modern construction principles. When it comes to being behind the wheel of a vehicle built on this platform, this means increased driving pleasure while also enjoying lower fuel consumption.

4.      Safer and more comfortable vehicles have been accomplished

Since the MQB platform was introduced onto the small car scene, it has been estimated that 20 innovations have been achieved in terms of driver assistance, infotainment and vehicle safety technology alike. These developments were previously only developed onto higher vehicle segments.

What you need to know about the MQB A0 platform

A fresh variant of Volkswagen’s MQB platform comes in the form of the German manufacturer’s MQB A0 platform. It is set to boast all of the following credentials:

  • Deliver both weight and cost benefits to the cars produced using the platform.
  • Introduce advanced driver assistance technologies to small cars, which have never been seen on these types of vehicle.
  • Vehicles as diverse as the Volkswagen Polo and the five-metre-long Volkswagen Atlas SUV can now be built using the MQB platform, with length differences of over one metre taken into account.

Motorists won’t need to wait long to try the MQB A0 platform for themselves, with the strategy being introduced to underpin the new Volkswagen Polo when it’s released later this year. Following this, the MQB A0 platform will be used on new editions of the SEAT Ibiza and Skoda Fabia. It will also play a key part in the introduction of a series of smaller SUVs from the Volkswagen Group.

Article from Inchcape Volkswagen, a new and used Volkswagen dealership with locations across the UK, specialising in service and repair of VW cars.

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