Kindergarten is one of the most important stages in the life of a child. This is because it is the first year that your young one will be introduced to new skills. Good teachers are crucial at every stage in a child’s development but it is much more emphasized for kindergarten kids.

Below are traits that are required of kindergarten school teachers.

  • Passion

Passion is one of the most important traits required for kindergarten teachers. Dealing with small kids is not a small task so teachers have to have a passion for what they are doing.

A person who likes kids will not necessarily make a good kindergarten teacher. Children are fun but there are times when they can be difficult. So, a person who has a passion for this, will easily cope with children’s unpredictable emotions.

  • Patience

Patience is a must when dealing with kids. Children can often become disruptive and are easily distracted. This can really test a persons patience.

Also, some children are slow learners. A teacher will require extra patience in order to teach them properly and avoid getting frustrated.

Dealing with parents is also another issue. Parents bring up their children differently and will have some kind of expectation from teachers. Teachers are human beings and may not be able to meet each and every parents expectations. Thus, they must have the patience to clearly explain to parents how things work so at to put the parents’ minds at ease.

  • Creativity

Teachers are generally creative but kindergarten teachers  have to be overly good with coming up with great ideas.

Schools may not be able to provide all the necessary resources to cater to the needs of the kids. This is the part where kindergarten teachers are required to jog their minds and come up with great ideas to cover these shortcomings.

  • Flexibility

Children are unpredictable. One day they are eager to learn, the next the class is no different from a zoo. Kindergarten teachers are required to be flexible and adjust accordingly. They also need to have the ability to access a situation and act accordingly. For instance, if one day children seem restless, the teacher can opt to have a change of class scenario and instead of having classes in the classroom, teach them in the playroom.

  • High Energy

Kindergarten teachers have to have high energy. It is essential for teachers to match the energy if their students.

In addition, when children come to kindergarten, most of them display enthusiasm to learn new stuff. The teacher must also share the same enthusiasm so as to make the children more comfortable and love  the school better.

Teaching kindergarten children also requires a lot of movement. It involves chanting and dancing to nursery school rhymes. It is mostly fun playing games with the kids but at the end of the day, teachers will often be tired. To get through the day, will require a person with very high energy levels.

As earlier stated, kindergarten teachers are crucial in the upbringing of children. They are the first people that introduce these children to the world of school education. So, having teachers that have the above traits will have a significant positive impact to the lives of kindergarten children.

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