Buying Travel Insurance Online? Here Are 9 Things For Your Checklist

Just like life, your travel plans can be unpredictable as well. Hence, it is essential to buy a travel insurance policy that suits your needs best. Travel insurance protects you from unforeseen circumstances such as medical or health emergencies, lost baggage, missed flights, loss of passport and/or documents, personal liabilities, hijack, as well as repatriation. Also, non-refundable elements are covered if you fall sick before your trip, if someone close passes away, and even in the event of natural calamities.

As there are multiples travel insurance plans available online, the coverage amount varies as well. You can compare plans offered by at least 2-3 companies before you decide to choose one.

Given below are some things that you should keep in mind while buying travel insurance online:

  1. Compare

Research and evaluate policies from different companies, including their history, records, as well as customer reviews. After you’ve analyzed the benefits and exclusions in all the plans, finalize on the one that secures your travel needs best.

  1. Classify the type of travel

There are multiple types of insurance plans for international travel, domestic travel, family travel, student travel insurance, as well as senior citizen travel. People who are 65 and over must choose a senior citizen plan that allows coverage for prior illnesses in specific conditions and also accidental death.

  1. Duration of your trip

The longer the journey, the higher the premium and vice versa. If you are someone who makes frequent business trips, then you could opt for a yearly travel insurance plan. For those who travel for leisure, they can avail an insurance policy at the time of the travel.

  1. Age limit

The risk cover varies with age. If your age is between 20 and 25 years, then your insurance cover will be less compared to an individual who is 50 years and above. The severity of illnesses varies with age and hence with the travel insurance plans as well. Look out for the specifc inclusions for elders in senior citizen travel insurance plans.

  1. Current medical condition

Your insurer needs to know about your current medical condition so that it becomes easier for them to inform you about suitable travel insurance policies. Also, this allows one to negotiate the inclusion of certain medical conditions in the original policy at no extra cost. If they do not agree to the same, you could always pay extra premium to have them included as an add-on.

  1. Mandatory requirement

Some countries make it mandatory for travellers to have a travel insurance policy. At times, on-arrival visas have been rejected due to the traveller not having valid travel insurance. Hence, it is essential to select your travel insurance according to the country you are travelling to.

  1. Adventurous sports

If you enjoy adventure sports such as skydiving or scuba diving and are planning to indulge in them on your trip, then you can go for travel insurance plans that offer coverage on these activities. Figure out your priorities and compare travel insurance policies accordingly before selecting one that gives you maximum coverage. Don’t go for a very standard or very economical policy. Make sure that you receive enough health insurance coverage in the case of any mishap.

  1. Look for concessions

Opting for group travel insurance plans allows you to cover more members at an affordable price than it would have been for a single person. You can also get these concessions on corporate travel insurance plans. Figure the best plan that suits your needs and buy accordingly.

  1. Read the features carefully

Ensure that you read all the features of the policy very carefully before you finalize an option. You can even take a screenshot for future reference. If you rent a vehicle and have opted for insurance that offers you coverage for rented vehicles, then keep that paperwork ready with you so you won’t face any trouble on your trip.

It only takes a portion of your travel expenses to buy a good travel insurance policy. If you wish to enjoy your travels and be safe and sound at the same time, then you must purchase travel insurance online for the next trip you take.

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