Top 3 Emerging Gambling Trends on the Internet

Advancements in technology have transformed the online gambling industry in recent years.

As operators embrace new technologies, it has been reported that growth of 10% per year and figures accounting for approaching half of all gambling revenues within three years are achievable.

Online gambling is a huge success with the public because of the wide range of games it offers and the convenience of playing without any location constraints.

We take a look at the top threeemerging gambling trends in the industry.

USA set to join the party

The online gambling industry has enjoyed a massive boom in Europe in recent times and the United States looks set to join the party over the next few years.

There have been laws aimed at stopping online gaming in the USA, but that is slowly beginning to change. One example of this is Pennsylvania where Governor Tom Wolf signed an expansive gaming package in 2017, formally making his state the fourth in the USA to legalise online poker and gambling.

Players will now be able to use offers like the Pennsylvania Lottery Bonus Code to maximise their enjoyment of their favourite online casino games.

Land-based casino operators have argued they would lose revenue to the online gambling industry, yet the opposite has proved to be the case in New Jersey and it is expected that the same will happen in Pennsylvania.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) offers players the chance to play their favourite games “inside” dream destinations across the globe.

A VR-ready computer and a suitable headset enables the user to travel into a virtual space full of possibilities. It is even possible for players to look out of VR casino windows and view the outside world in stunning detail.

With a real live environment, where the player can chat with both the dealer and other players, VR opens up a world of opportunities for the user.

eSports will continue to boom

A recent report from digital research firm Superdata says that the worldwide eSports market was valued at $1.5 billion in 2017.

More online gambling operators are including an eSports offering in their services, giving them access to new groups of customers.

Games such as League of Legends and Counterstrike have built huge followings in recent years, with players able to secure big wins and the genre attracting big live audiences.

Virtual sports such as horse racing, greyhounds and motor sports are already hugely popular and eSports seems sure to have an increasingly positive impact on the gambling industry over the next few years.

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