Technology of 2017 – What Should We Be Looking Out For?

The history of the world is divided into different eras. According to many intellectuals and historian, the first age of human civilization was the era of religion. Then world moved to the literature and then towards science. However, this era is also considered to be the era of science, but many people associate this era with the technology as well. Which is true because from the medical sciences to the education, every aspect of our life needs the technology to survive. Without the latest equipment, it is nearly impossible for the doctors to perform any surgery and without the academic writing companies services like write my assignment, it is hard for the student to complete their college degrees.

With every passing year, the world is witnessing new and exciting developments in the technology which is not only making our lives easier but also opening the new doors of success and prosperity for the world. Moreover, this year has already shown a great promise to be another year of innovations.

That is why I being a professional writer and blogger decided to write a piece of article on the top technology trends of 2017 and what should we look for in the remaining part of this year.

Virtual and Augmented Reality:

2016 was the year in which the first VR headgear launched commercially which took the world by storm. Moreover, in this year, VR and AR is going towards a new stage and will be present everywhere. This year, AV is going to be our solution of our every need almost. With the AV technology, we are not going to use any additional devices except mobile to do our daily life tasks. For example, since Amazon has announced to launch its “Amazon Go” more companies are looking and working towards the use of AR for their business. That is why companies like Microsoft with their mixed reality platform and RealView are expecting to make some breakthrough in this AR featured technology this year.

Machine Learning:

Machine learning is the phenomenon in which computers learn about our personal preferences with the help of artificial intelligence without being programmed to anything specifically. The artificial intelligence helps the computer to change their patterns on the basis of incoming data without facing any issues because of the constant variations in the data. Just like the Facebook which is changing its news feed just on the basis of user’s personal interests and preferences and making easier for the marketers to show you the ads of the product which you were looking. This update on news feed is only possible because of the artificial intelligence and companies instead of predicting the human nature are now using artificial intelligence to predict the user behavior.

Human Augmented Technology:

If we are witnessing the increase in the use of augmented reality, then it is natural to say that this year is going to be the year of augmented human reality too. That is why the world is expecting to see human enhancement robotics this year. We already have some technology in this field which is helping disabled people in walking, standing, speaking and more but the scientists and engineers are calling these developments as just the tip of an iceberg. Human augmented robots especially in the field of medical science is going to open new opportunities for the doctors and patients as well. Companies like Tailored Healthcare Developing, Cutting Edge Prosthetics and Human Extensions who are investing heavily in the human enhancing robotics and helping the physically deprived people to live their lives with all the fortunes.

Precision Medicines:

We are still dependent on the diagnosis of the doctors to get the medicines for the diseases. The healthcare has been a service which is delivered within the system either by the government in the developed countries or by the private organizations. But how about another way in which we will get the medicine which would be tailored for our body and other health issues? This phenomenon is called precision medicine which is a new form of healthcare which is based on the deep algorithms, data and molecular precision tools which are going to change our dialogues with the doctor and our perspective of having healthcare.

The phenomenon of precision medicine is going to make a breakthrough this year by a surgical equipment manufacturing company 4D HealthWare which has created software that makes personalized medicines with the help of connected data approach.


Chatbots are not the new phenomenon in the world, and the companies are using them efficiently to respond their customers immediately without any delay. However, the most advanced Chatbots of last year which Facebook also allows its users to use were limited to some question neither its algorithm was deep enough to fulfil all the need of the user. However, this year the world is going to witness some exciting Chatbots which are going to take over most of the interaction of corporations to the people. Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Meekan and Google now have developed the most advanced Chatbots ever which are going to give you the same experience as talking with another guy. This is not only going to change the industries like marketing, sales and customer support services, but it will reside the central messaging platforms.

Driverless Cars:

The augmented reality technology of the Amazon Go was taken from the augmented reality of driverless cars. This year is going to be the biggest year of development for the driverless cars. With the help of augmented reality, these cars are going to minimize human error and will avoid danger by reducing the distractions that every human driver face while driving. This phenomenon was introduced back in the early 2010s, but this year we are going to get the first manufactured batch of driverless cars. This technology is going to change the face of our society by extending the car sharing options.

Serving of Synthetic Food:

Synthetic food is already available in the market, and it cost way less than organic food that is why masses are buying it as much as they should. However, some people are still deprived of food due to no stable incomes. But with the help of extreme genetic engineering, we are going to get the synthetic food on their dining table soon this year. Companies like Memphis Meat and Modern Meadow are working on the mass production of synthetic food with genetic engineering and the words from the horse’s mouths are very positive, and people are expecting to see a drastic decrease in the rates of synthetic food.

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Arleen Leslie is a professional blogger and academic writer she is also providing the services like assignment assistance since his Masters in Literature from the Stanford University.

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