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Using SEO To Increase Business Profits

Businesses are now mostly technology driven. Day to day work for many organisations is generally done on-line. We use emails in a large percentage of our communication. The personal touch and people contact are as important as ever. For increasing your business profits however, the most affordable way of marketing is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of getting readers to a website from the free search results of various search engines.

SEO is a terrific marketing tool and if done well will also get you fast results.

SEO – A Proven Marketing Strategy

SEO has superior marketing results to door to door sales, mailouts, telephone marketing campaigns and email campaigns.

The results are faster.

Although different businesses have different aims when publishing their online material the end goal for any SEO campaign is the same – to increase profit.

For a business selling products, the aim will be to sell a product or products online.

For a service orientated business, the desired outcome will be for a service to be booked, or a phone number provided. If a phone number is provided a call-centre or sales person can then telephone the prospective customer and sell them the service.

Cost Effectiveness

Any digital marketing is very cost effective. It is also time efficient. While a snail mail campaign takes a long time to prepare, SEO can be done very quickly.  With SEO, there are no brochures or fliers to be printed. There is no need to wait several days, or even weeks, for the post to reach your recipients.

Search Engine Optimisation can be done in-house, or a professional can be hired. When hiring an SEO company, you will be paying for their expertise and experience in getting results.

SEO requires no graphic designer or printing agency. There are no postage fees. Your total fees are included in the SEO package that you purchase. If you decide to do the SEO in-house, there is only your time or the time of your staff to consider. It is generally worth paying a professional – your profit margin will be higher and you can better use your time to get on with the day to day running of your business.


When using SEO, the procedure is to choose some keywords that the major search engines will pick up when prospective clients type them into their browser. Major search engines include Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Keywords can be optimised by including them on your web page or blog. Thorough research needs to be undertaken to ensure that you are using the best keywords – ones that your prospective customers or leads will be looking for. Keyword analysis can be done by using keyword research tools such as Google Analytics or Moz Pro.

It is also important to use the right number of keywords in your article, blog or website – too little and the search engines will not find you. You must also beware of using your keyword too many times in the article. This can affect the flow of the article and will not sound natural. Not only does this discourage your readers, your web page will not be found easily by the search engines.

Keeping Your Website Updated

Every SEO Sydney company knows that search engines love SEO, and they love updated content! They also love a website that has been in existence for a little while. The older the website the better for the search engines! Always use SEO keywords on the content of your website, and update the wording often.

When you have updated content, the search engines will find your website more easily. Your readers are also more likely to re-visit your website when it is up to date. They will want to read more, and this can increase your revenue!


Blogging using keywords is great for Search Engine Optimisation. A regularly updated blog means a regularly updated website, and this will keep your readers coming back to your site. They may also recommend your site to other prospective customers. And that means more potential profit for you. As with all online content, ensure that the article reads well, is informative and correct and is interesting! Also make sure that the content is relevant to your site.

SEO is one of the best ways to increase your revenue, and should be where you spend the majority of your marketing budget. You will get results much faster with SEO than with a mailout or telephone campaign, and it is much cheaper than using radio or telephone advertising. SEO is a proven way to increase business profits.

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