Sizzlin’ Season: 4 Ways To Boost Office Morale This Summer

It is all bright and sunny just beyond the main office window. Unfortunately, your employees just do not seem to be lively and chipper as usual. In fact, you can practically feel the sigh over the room through the warm stale air as the high-pitched tone of a staff member’s watch rings out for the one-o’clock hour. Your employees do not have their mind on their work, but are wondering how nice it would be to get out to the beach instead. If this wave of general office depression and slow performance keeps up, your company is really going to start losing money. With a little effort on your part, you will get your employees motivated and back on track in no time. Just try these office morale tips.

Higher Quality Coffee

It does not matter if it is freezing cold or blazing hot outside, nothing motivates an employee to give it their best than a premium cup of gourmet coffee: not that cheap stuff you have been stocking the break room with in the past. This time, it will require a little additional cost to deliver the coffee your employees cannot wait to experience. If you are not sure what gourmet coffee will do the trick, do not hesitate to ask the main coffee drinkers around the office what gourmet coffee is the best. They know what they like.

Summer Office Party

You expect your employees to do a lot for you each day at work. But, all work and no play makes office life a drag. Planning an office party with a company that brings the entertainment to your employees is a great way to boost morale. Employees that get to mingle and interact together in a day of entertaining fun and games will often be more enthusiastic about their job, and you might just become known as the “cool boss” to boot.

Lowering Temperatures Around The Office

Since hot summer days can really sap energy out of your office staff, finding a solution for your building’s cooling needs can truly change the environment in which your employees work. Even introducing process cooling methods for various applications, such as industrial sized refrigerator units from MTA Australasia, makes it possible to liven up the office with cool treats during the late afternoon crunch.

A Little Healthy Competition

Nothing livens up an office and improves morale quite like a little healthy competition among your employees. When the goal is to improve performance for a chance to win a weekly prize for being the one the boss takes notice of for their extra hard work, this can give rise to a whole new level of company wide performance ratings. In addition, those employees who are honored for their hard work will want to give more of themselves because of how appreciated they feel from the experience.

Your employees are the heart and soul of your company’s daily operations. When their morale is low, this can truly cause your business to lag. By raising spirits around the office through a variety of different morale boosting avenues, you will help to keep your business operating at peak performance and efficiency for a long time to come.


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