Clean and Clear: Why is a Neat Workspace Essential for Success?

If you’re habitually messy, then chances are that you take your disorganized ways with you to work from home. If you ask a messy person if they want to be messy, odds are that they’ll tell you no, but it’s become a bad habit that they can’t seem to shake. To convince you to get your workspace cleaned up once and for all, here’s how a neat workspace is essential for success.

Better Concentration, Mood, and Focus

Clutter affects your brain. When you’re surrounded by clutter, mess, and disorganization, it’s hard to be your best self. You begin to internalize the disarray surrounding you, making it more difficult to focus and stay positive. Obviously, you can’t do your best work when you’re in this negative mindset. Decluttering can have a real and significant effect on your output and productivity in the office.

Make A Better Impression

Everyone resents that one guy in the office whose cubicle is a disaster zone. If you suspect that you are that guy, it’s time to do something about it. As much as we might not want it to, appearance matters in the professional world. How you appear to others can have a huge impact on how they regard you. If you want to be regarded as someone who’s serious, professional and a good candidate for promotion, you need to get your workspace in order.


Too many accidents happen because a workplace was in a state of disarray. If you’re shown to be liable for your own workplace accident, your employer may not be on the hook for the cost of your medical treatment and recovery. For example, if you sustain a slip and fall accident that was caused by your own sloppiness, your employer could be found to not be liable, and you might need to call a slip and fall lawyer to discuss your options. Prevent these terrible situations by getting your workspace under control.

Never Lose Anything Again

It’s embarrassing to misplace or lose that important document. It’s even more embarrassing when everyone knows that it happened because you’re perpetually disorganized. Getting organized doesn’t just help your productivity by boosting your morale, it helps it by ensuring that everything is always exactly where you need it to be.

Ditching disorganization is all about trading bad habits for good ones. Start putting things away after you use them. If a cleanup task will take less than 60 seconds, do it immediately. The more little changes you make, the more big results you’ll see.

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