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SEO Glasgow – How To Build A Business

Business today revolves around an online presence in the digital world. When it comes to visibility within this ethereal world, search engines play a big part. This is where SEO glasgow steps in. SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation – is the act of getting a website to rank high for specific search terms – or keywords – on the SERPS – Search Engine Results Page. There are a variety of different techniques and tools that can be used to assist with SEO glasgow, but within this article we shall simply go over the basics.

SEO Glasgow & Link Building

Link building is crucial to successful SEO glasgow. Links from trusted, high authority domains act as stamps of approval towards the receiving website. This is essentially what tells Google (or other search engines) that the website and it’s content is valid and to be trusted. Without good quality links, it would be incredibly hard for a website to rank high for it’s desired search terms.

At this point it is worth highlighting what a keyword is. A keyword is simply a word or phrase that users enter into a search engine to find products, services, or information. An example might be “ladies hats glasgow”. The idea is that the user wants information – either product or pricing – for ladies hats that can be bought in Glasgow. SEO Glasgow is the task of focusing on making a website a relavent search result for keywords.

Back to links. A simple link from a website is not enough. Links must be attached to relevant text, known as anchor text, that tells Google that this link is relavent to the anchor text. Anchor text should always be the keyword being optimised for.

The page content of the page the link is coming from should also preferably be relevant . This means ensuring the content, such as an article, is relevant to the page the link is pointing at. A lnik from an article for space exploration, for example, will not lend much weight with a link pointing to a page for selling protein powder.

SEO Glasgow - How To Build A Business

SEO Glasgow & On Page Optimisation

The second half of the SEO Glasgow battle is on page optimisation. This means running through a long list of parameters that Google analyses to ensure that they are in line with what you want th page to rank for. The following are a selection of the areas of optimisation:

  • Page title. This is the page title that explains to search engines the general topic of the page. The desired keywords should be found within.
  • H1. This is the main header of the page and should contain the keyword.
  • H2’s. These headers break up the page and head the main areas of content for the page. These should have the keywords where appropriate.
  • Image alt tags. Alt tags allow Google to “read” an image, as they tell it what the image is about. A description that includes the key words should be found here.

These are just a few of the parameters requiring optimisation. It is suggested that you do further reading to learn more about SEO Glasgow.

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