Salesforce Event Monitoring and Why Your Business Needs It

Salesforce Event Monitoring and Why Your Business Needs It

In terms of using software for your security and for your business solutions, there are always ways in which you can enhance its performance to fit in with the needs of your business. Let’s take Salesforce event monitoring software for example, Salesforce  have created an outstanding piece of software which helps your company to build transparency, compliance and trust within your business, add to that the Event Management arm of the software, and you have a comprehensive and fully functioning piece of software that can greatly help your business to maintain its high levels of security. Let’s take a look at exactly how Salesforce event monitoring can really help you in your efforts to protect your business.

Departing Employees

Departing or disgruntled employees who have access to a great amount of sensitive data can really cause a security headache and it is vital that they do not have the opportunity to share or pass on any of the information which they have at their fingertips. You may be surprised to learn that the number one cause of security breaches last year came as a result of ex or soon to be ex-employees, trying to take one last swipe at their employer. Using the event monitoring software, you will be able to prevent this kind of thing from happening, and see a real time stream of what that employee is doing on the company device.

Compromised User Credentials

If the user credentials of your employees have been compromised, you may not know about it until it is too late and your security systems have been hacked, you client details sold on and your personal information published across the internet. In order rot prevent or at least be notified when something like this happens, you ought to utilize this software solution which will allow you to track your users and see who has been compromised.

Customer List Protection

The key to your businesses success with clients comes from trust and they need to know that their private information will be safe in your hands. In order to ensure that your client’s details are safe, you need Salesforce event monitoring. If a disgruntled employee decided to publish information bout your clients and your contacts, your business could face very dire consequences, that it may not come back from. Why take the risk? Instead invest in this smart software solution.

Protecting Your Business

Ultimately, software solutions such as Salesforce event monitoring are there to give overall protection to you business and its confidential information. Not using software such as this will mean that you have no idea what your team are doing, how secure that confidential information really is and should someone wish to attack your business, you won’t know about it until it is too late. Security is a vitally important part of your business and without it, you will be putting yourself at great risk.

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