Peer To Peer Investment: The Buzzwords In India’s Deal Streets

Peer to Peer investment has always been a point of talk ever since it was launched in 2008 in the UK.

Even if it arrived late in India, the peer to peer investment has been successful in catching several eyeballs over these 2 years.

The success story of the p2p investment can be estimated with the statement that the market of this niche, risen to more than 20 crores in these 2 years.

P2P Investment Industry – A new ray of hope for all

With the mission to help those who are already deprived of the funding through the banks and other financial intuitions, the peer to peer investment industry has provided enough options for the borrowers and investors to come up with a new ray of hope with the borrowing and lending process.

The investors have enough of the options to generate huge returns on the investment and offer the needy a helping hand. The more risk you are ready to take, the better returns you are sure to get.

With the p2p investment process, the diversification is easy, thus providing you enough of the chance to ensure that you don’t have to suffer anyhow.

RBI’s Announcements regarding Peer to Peer Investment

The talks and buzz of this p2p investment have also entered into the Deal Streets and more companies are jumping into the niche of peer to peer investment.

With several regulations and several rules as put forward by the Central bank of the country, and several other noticeable changes as offered by the prime bank of India, the peer to peer lending has entered into the mainstream of the country’s financial business and has been able to catch the attention of many.

In a statement by RBI, it said: “it would be ‘prudent’ to regulate P2P lending businesses, proposes registering platforms as NBFCs”.

Also, the RBI put forwarded several discussion papers on P2P Lending in the past year and proposed registering P2P lending platforms as non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), thus giving them a brand value.

Such is the craze for the peer to peer lending that the in the year of 2015, around 20 new online P2P lending companies were launched in India., while the data for the year 2016 is still awaited at our end. At present, there are around more than 30 startups in the P2P lending business in India.

The announcements were made at different points related to the peer to peer investment and the reactions were welcoming.

Most of the opinions as laid down by different experts and those involved in the p2p investment concluded that the regulations will lend them a respectability to the nascent business. However, there were still some concerns as usual, which is always a part of any announcement for any field.

Peer to Peer Industry has entered into Deal Streets

Several feedbacks and suggestions were also put forwarded by the experts involved in this industry. With such announcements and concerns been shown by the experts all over, we can safely say that the peer to peer lending industry has entered the main streets of Deal Market, and days are no distance away when this industry leads any other lending and investment industry of the nation.

The peer to peer investment industry of India is fast catching up with the peer to peer industry of other countries like China etc and reports as coming, even suggest it has beaten out the p2p lending industry of China.

The industry is sure to a future leading industry of Deal Streets and can generate enough options for the really interested ones in the same industry.

The buzz around the Deal Streets regarding Peer to Peer industry will not slow down and all incoming reports suggest that more people are showing interest in the industry and several such parties are working to include this industry in their functioning.

The days are on for the peer to peer investment industry and hopefully, it will be the main talking point in the recent future at the Deal Streets.

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