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5 Bright Ideas For Better Website Performance

Everybody knows, that it’s important to make sure that your website is running smoothly and without any problems. And in order to be confident about your site, you have to test it and work out the problems that might occur.

So how do you do that and what tools should you use to check if your website is ready for new visitors? Here are the things you can do!

Step №1 — CRO

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization is a system that analyzes your website and improves it by making multiple changes to make your visitors take an action like making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. It might change only the color of the button, but if needed, it will redesign your homepage to make it better and easier for users and visitors.

Website Speed

Many people judge websites they attend by how quickly they load. It won’t matter how good the design of your website is if it’s slow. Well, no one wants to wait for the site for ages, and inpatient users usually quit websites like this very quickly. Use Website Speed Test to know more about how your website performs, and after that, you will decide if you have to work on website speed or no.

If there’s a problem, don’t postpone and make it a №1 priority — you don’t want to lose potential visitors and customers because of a slow website speed! And don’t forget, that often website speed depends on your web hosting provider, so check review top dedicated hosting services to pick the right one for your business!

Images Optimization

Proper images formatting and compressing will guarantee you a picture of a great visual quality, so pay attention to that — images are the first things website visitors will see, so pictures have to appeal to them. If images quality on your website is poor, try minimizing HTTP requests by using sprites. Usually, browsers are able to perform only a few of simultaneous request to the same domain, so by putting several images altogether, you will reduce the number of requests.

Simplified Forms

Well, no one really enjoys the part when you have to fill in a form to make an order, so the best thing that you could do is just to make it more simple and easy. First of all, limit the number of fields to fill out. Leave only information that’s really necessary, and use predictive texts when it makes sense. Use vertically-aligned forms to make it easier for a user to go from one field to another.

Also, always give users clear explanations about errors they’ve made while filling in the form, so they don’t have to spend their time thinking about what’s wrong. Let them know what to fix.

5 Bright Ideas For Better Website Performance

Functional Design

Web page design is one of the most important things that play role in the website evaluation, so don’t be lazy and put some effort into creating a web design that can be both nice and understandable for users. Its navigation has to be pretty straightforward — you don’t want your visitors to get lost on your website!

Another very important thing is that your website has to be mobile friendly. Most people use their smartphones during the day to surf the Web, so take that into account.


Of course, there are many others things that you will have to work on to make your website better, but these are the basics. Never forget to improve your website and learn from the feedback of your customers!

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