How To Use Mind Maps To Improve Business

Diagrams have always been a fantastic method for individuals or groups of people to jot down their thoughts, get organised and increase productivity. This can come in many shapes and forms such as whiteboard scribblings or flip board sketchings but when was the last time you used a mind map?

There a vast range of advantages that you and your teams can benefit from by integrating the use of mind maps into everyday life.


Mind maps are not commonly used in the majority of offices today, but there is no reason why they shouldn’t be. Mind maps are a great form of presentation and can help you to easily convey messages and business plans to your peers and management.

As a collective, teams can brainstorm ideas of a certain project and simply the way a mind map works will help promote positive and creative thinking. It’s proven that mind mapping tool dramatically increase productive thinking, helping you to complete projects quickly and efficiently.

Promote Brainstorming and Creative Thinking

When brainstorming ideas for a project, it can be hard to stay motivated, especially when you’re sat staring at a list of 30+ points and all the wording starts to blur together and you begin to lose interest.

By using a visual heavy media, such as a mind map, you’re allowing people to think more clearly and link certain aspects of a project together, a task that’s near impossible when looking at a set list.


One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is teamwork. Collaboration of all team members is vital when working on a campaign or project. By using mind maps in your meetings, you are enabling everybody to have the chance to get involved and share their ideas.

Whatever platform you’re using for your map, whether it’s a whiteboard or a digital mind map solution, team members can easily input their ideas whilst commenting and working on others.

Problem Solving

Thanks to the visual nature of a mind map, when problems arise when working on a project, solutions can easily be thought out and discovered, enabling teams to quickly and efficiently move past issues and complete projects in a timely manner.

By using mind maps to visualise each factor contributing to a problem and clearly labelled each point alongside possible solutions, teams can quickly identify areas of concern and address them quickly, without having to waste time brainstorming of ways to move forward.

As a digital platform, mind mapping that can be used for business of all size and caliber. This means mind maps can, in theory, be infinite and continuously edited if required.

This revolutionary piece of software allows all members of any team the chance to get involved and contribute to team mind maps whether in a meeting, at their desks or on their smartphones whilst their out and about.

All mind maps can be exported into an interactive HTML format, meaning that anybody can open and edit a mind map, straight from their browser. This allows teams to fully collaborate and work on ideas seamlessly, bring teams together, dramatically increasing productivity and helping your business achieve better results.

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