How To Choose An Outstanding AV Event Producer

How To Choose An Outstanding AV Event Producer

Whether you are planning a product launch for staff, a networking event, a 1,000-person conference, or an AGM, you need to consider your audio visual needs. Every event is different but the basic principles remain consistent. You need to get the right equipment for your needs, set up in a configuration that suits your needs. And for this it helps to choose the right AV hire company.

Yes, you can do it yourself and hire individual pieces of equipment or use what you already have, but it is usually more efficient and effective when you benefit from the professional expertise of a specialist. You can take advantage of specialised knowledge and creative solutions to AV issues, as well as project management expertise that allows you to get the best AV set-up for your budget.

But how do you choose the right company? There are plenty of contenders out there. Not all of them are the same quality. Here’s what to look at when you are considering your AV needs.

Look for Experience

Anyone can set themselves up as AV hire companies or event managers. You need to check that the company you are interested in has relevant experience in the types of events you want to host. Check how long the company has been established. Ask about their experience with events such as yours and how they developed the AV solutions. Event Production Companies love to talk about their successes so you should have little difficulty discovering how much experience they have with setting up events.

Look for Expertise

The experience an AV hire company has should be relevant to your needs. As we talked about above, every event is different and a wedding is a hugely different prospect to a corporate conference. While many skills and a lot of expertise are transferable, it does help if a company has some experience in the direct area you are working in.

Check Recommendations

It is a good idea to check feedback from previous clients and events. It is also positive if a business can demonstrate that clients keep coming back, as this shows that the company delivers a positive experience.

Look for Modern Equipment

A great AV supplier will be able to provide the equipment you need, whether it is the most modern gadget or something more traditional. They will also be able to competently advise you on what you actually need, and can get for your budget.

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