5 Skills To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Hired

5 Skills To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Hired

The success of finding a great job heavily depends on the desires of the employer. The sooner you figure out what they look for, the faster you will be hired. A recent job market analysis showed that the chances to get a good job increase in case a candidate has rare and useful skills, especially if they can be applied in technically advanced industries.

If you do not want your job search to last long, check these five most desired skills that can bring you an excellent job fast.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a skill aimed to prevent mistakes and flaws in a product produced by a company. The importance of this skill is obvious as it could help to save time, resources, and money. The specialists in quality assurance are required in various industries which give a lot of opportunities. Quality inspectors have to control the standards of a product or service and check if they meet the requirements. This skill increases the company’s credibility, improves the efficiency of a work process, and helps win the trust of the clients. It might be your thing if you are attentive to details and like analyzing.


If you speak fluently two or more languages you certainly have better chances to find a job, especially if you want to work in the healthcare industry, according to these best nurse CV writers. This skill can be applied to many different industries (finances, customer support, education, and others). If two candidates are equal, the employers will choose the one who speaks more than one language. This skill is very helpful in any sphere where you need to communicate with people. It leads to better understanding of clients and their various needs.


The healthcare industry can boast of the biggest number of offered jobs. The unemployment rate for healthcare specialists is very low which guarantees better chances of finding a job. Pediatricians always in-demand and it makes this profession appealing to students. This skill demands a lot of responsibility as it deals with the medical care of children. Pediatrics also requires a lot of time and efforts but it is worth it. Building this skill allows applying for different positions, such as a nurse, physician assistant, pediatrician, etc.


Mastering a programming language Java allows you to find a decent job in software development and engineering. The IT industry offers high salaries, a lot of opportunities for career and employment in different countries. Java serves for creating web applications and is one of the most popular programming languages. There are many courses and schools that can help you to learn it. Some of them even offer a possibility of a future employment. This skill is a great chance to start a career in the IT sphere.

Structural Query Language

Structural Query Language is a programming language used for data managing and performing different kinds of operations with data. It includes inserting, modifying and updating. SQL is widely implemented and is a common requirement for different positions. This skill is important if you are interested in getting a job as a data analyst or business analyst. There are a lot of free tutorials that offer to learn this language. You can also take remote classes to develop this skill. It will certainly increase your chances for employment as SQL is widely used for organizing in various companies.

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