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How Has Developing Technology Changed The Way We Use Our Mobile Devices?

In the early days of mobile devices, it’s fair to say they weren’t particularly mobile. Our mobile devices were heavy, horrible to look at and unable to sustain power over a period of time without being plugged into a power source. In fact, they were hardly mobile devices at all.

Luckily technology has progressed a great deal since the first mobile phone was made commercially available in 1983. Our mobile devices are now more compact, more powerful and have a battery life that can (or is meant to) last all day.

We’re now at a point where we rely on our mobile devices just to carry out simple everyday day tasks. If you think you could easily go a day without your devices then ask yourself this question – ‘what woke me up this morning?’

Applications and Entertainment

Rather than simply being a means of making and receiving calls and messages, our mobile phones and tablets now offer us with a great set of entertainment features. It’s now possible to download a plethora of apps that allow us to play games, watch videos and browse social media.

These apps can also give us functionality to play casino games such as slots and roulette, as well as place bets on our favourite sporting events like the Grand National. The evolution and quality of entertainment features on our mobile devices has begun to make the handheld games console market redundant; we just don’t really need them anymore.

Connected devices

On top of our mobile devices being able to entertain us, they can also make our lives a lot easier on a day to day basis. With so many devices now being equipped with M2M SIM cards they are able to access the internet. This means that devices can now share information with each other without any manual input from us humans.

For example, if you have you have a number of smart products at home, it’s possible for your phone to automatically turn on your hallway lights, turn on the coffee machine and unlock your front door the moment you pull onto your drive. Although these things may sound extremely trivial, it’s just the beginning when it comes to connected devices.

Working on the move

The fairly recent technological advancements have also given many people the capability to carry out their job role via their mobile devices. It used to be the case that when we closed down our computers at 5pm that was it, the end of the work day.

However nowadays the majority of office workers have their emails on their phones; meaning they’re accessible to colleagues, suppliers and clients near enough 24/7. For some people this is a good thing as it allows for remote working, yet for others it’s just a nuisance that means they’re unable to escape their boss.

So, from the inception of mobile devices over 30 years ago we have no doubt come a long way. Our devices now provide us with entertainment, remote working functions and can even control other applications within our home and office. Before we know it we’ll be able to control our whole lives from our handheld smartphones and tablets.

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