20 Things Everyone Who Studies Writing At University Will Understand

20 Things Everyone Who Studies Writing At University Will Understand

Having the writing skills is a blessing from nature but studying writing at university or making it as your profession can be a curse. With the talent and proper education, you can earn a lot either by starting your own blog, freelance writing or writing a novel that can make you forget sunlight. Writing lots to deal with your patience, and your commitment. No matter how talented you are or how much passionate you are about writing, you could get exhausted sometimes or most of the times. But thanks to the internet and all the million things on it which you can do with writing like listening to songs, having a conversation with your friends or enjoying memes just to refresh your mind are the best practices to go long in writing.

Writers are unique and their job also demand uniqueness that is why there are certain ways you can identify a writer among other professionals. Because, there reactions are different from others and there are many things which only the writers can understand for example the writer’s humor, the writer’s emotions, and the writer’s hobbies. I am a professional writer too and that is why I am writing this blog to educate my readers about the writers and about the top 20 things that only a writer or everyone who is studying writing at university can understand.

  1. We smoke words and drink paragraphs:

Whereas some people are addicted to weed or alcohol, we the writers have different sort of addiction. We are addicted to writing and whenever we find any interesting topic, we smoke it whole. People find it very awkward because they believe that writing is only a profession, but they does not understand that writing is an only profession that has to be the addicted of the professional.

  1. To become a writer, we have to be a writer:

While in the medical college, you don’t have to do lots of operations and surgeries every day to become the doctor. Same with the engineers, you don’t have to construct buildings and machines every day to become an engineer. But to become the writer, you have to write dozens of pages every day while studying writing at university. That is why my friends always used to complain about it when I was in the university studying writing. They always used to say that I never talk to them a lot instead keep busy in writing stuffs on my pocket diary and keep staring stuff around me quietly. But they cannot understand that how important it is to write down every idea that comes into your mind at that very moment, so you write it later and observing things to write down about it for the student who is studying writing at the University.

  1. Danger! Men at work:

In the future of you become a roommate of and writer, then do not disturb him while writing. Writers become most cruel and violent species on the earth if you disturb them while writing something. Because only a writer can understand the worth of focus that requires to write something good and if someone tries to break their focus, they make sure that the distractor cannot able to focus on anything in the future.

  1. We love to eavesdrop:

Eavesdropping is unethical but we writers love to do this. That doesn’t mean that the writing is an unethical profession but writers find a lot of things from eavesdropping to write them about later. That is why we just can’t help ourselves in stopping from eavesdropping in public places. We writers not only get the exciting topics from the people but also observe their speaking style which counts a lot while writing for any individual sector of people.

  1. We don’t stare:

We are not stalkers or stare the people every time. It is just because we always keep searching for the content from any possible source, that’s why we observe the things and people more than anyone. It is hard for people to believe in this because this is the best excuse for staring people especially opposite gender. However, if you find that the person who is staring you is a writer, you should appreciate it and take it as a compliment because he or she is seeking something interesting to you that is why that writer is spending his time in observing you.

20 Things Everyone Who Studies Writing At University Will Understand

  1. Definition of a good day:

If a writer haven’t achieved his target word count for the day, do not wish him good morning or good night. Every day we miss our target is like a debt which we have to pay next day. Our writing decides either our day is good or bad. We don’t take these words lightly because words are very precious for the writers, or the writing students.

  1. We don’t like coffee:

Our reason of likeness for coffee or tea is not the same as the other people. We like it because it keeps us awake and increase our productivity. On the other hand normal people likes it because of its taste or aroma. Another reason is the environment of coffee shops. I love to write in the coffee shops because it is the best place to observe people. Coffee or tea time is the one when people likes to talk about their day and other stuff. And because we writers love eavesdropping, we get material for writing out of them.

  1. We are not free:

Writing is not free and just because that you have a friend who is a writer or studying writing in university, you can take help in your writing assignments from him. I am in writing profession from the long time and run my own blog which but people expect from me to provide best online coursework help just because I have the writing skills. Writing requires extreme focus and determination which cannot be provided free to anyone.

20 Things Everyone Who Studies Writing At University Will Understand

  1. We got emotional too:

There is a notion in the masses that writing is a best way to channelize your emotions. That is why people believe that a writer can never show his or her emotions because he or she has the best way to channelize it. Which is entirely wrong because writing is an art and artists are the most sensitive and the people with full of emotions. Conversely, we cannot write anything without feeling our topic or feeling the emotions of our readers.

  1. Dates wants us to write poetry on them:

If you are a writer or going to be a writer, never ever tell your date that you are a writer. It is the kiss of death if you let him know that you are a writer. Because they will start making awkward requests like writing poetry for them or summarize the date in one line. The reason behind it that people does not take writing as a profession for earn, they still believe that writing is just a hobby for you and you like to write about everything even if you are a professional blogger on global terrorism.

  1. Exaggeration is in our blood:

Because we write too much when we find something interesting, that is why we also talk too much about our favorite topics. But people take is exaggeration and get bored with us. This doesn’t mean we are boring, we are the most enthusiastic people on earth that is why when we find something of our interest, we never let it go easily.

  1. We are not good lovers:

The writers or the student of writing lives in two different worlds. One is in our head and the other one is under our foot. That is why people take us as not the good lovers because sometimes we spend more time in the world of our head as compared to the other one. That is why, we start neglecting our loved ones in the outer world and start focusing on the love of our inner world which is writing. It is all about focusing but people misunderstand it as we are not good lovers which no one can understand except the writers or writers to be.

  1. Expect more love from us:

Just because a writer only write romantic poetry and blogs on love, it doesn’t mean he or she are better lovers than others. Sometimes, the one who is writing a blog on the love also had written a blog on malnutrition. It is his job and sometimes he have to write to earn his living. It is same as expecting a doctor who have a book on surgery can do better surgery than the one who is doing it from years.

  1. Books are our BFFs:

To be a good writer, you have to be a good reader too. This is one of the most famous saying among the writers. That is why we read books a lot. For some writers, books are their only friends that is why people find it awkward.

20 Things Everyone Who Studies Writing At University Will Understand

  1. We are not loners, we love to hibernate:

Just because the writers loves to stay at their home or prefer to spend some time alone, people consider them the loner. Which is not right because we writers use our brains at the most that is why it is better to give it some time of peace and hibernation than dealing with the people and their issues.

  1. We are quite:

The same people who says that we exaggerate things also says that writers are quite. Yes we are quite until we got something of our interest. And then you know what we do. We are the thinkers and you cannot think while using your other senses.

  1. What are you thinking?

I am thinking about the reason why the world is failing to end poverty. A writer has to a lot of things to think as compared to other people. They write thousands of words daily that requires some thinking. Stop asking such questions from us because they are annoying.

  1. Gossips are our thing:

We love to ask about the past, present and future of every person in the circle. We like to know about the personal lives of the people. And the reason is same as the reason of eavesdropping. This gets us material.

  1. We are curious:

Because we have to write too much, that is why we have to ask too much to maintain the balance. Curiosity is the first step to being a writer because without knowing things, how can you write about it. So never stop your writer friend asking questions.

20 Things Everyone Who Studies Writing At University Will Understand

  1. We are good people:

Just because our writing has so many variations, doesn’t mean we are the double face people or something. People start creating a perception of the writer on its writing which is entirely wrong. It is our job to write about the things, and sometimes, we have to agree to disagree just to entertain our clients and the readers.

Author Bio: Dominic Lester is a teacher by profession but is also a tech nerd. He has been in the teaching profession for long and has seen the ways education has transformed from traditional to more computerized methods. You can follow him for updates on his social media channels.

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