How Can You Incorporate Instagram Into Your Web Design For Maximum Benefit

As far as popularity goes, everybody agrees on the fact that photo-sharing social networking channel, Instagram is totally acing it. With hundreds of millions of active users, it has also emerged as one of the most popular platforms for brands to promote their services and products to their target audience. Today’s consumers are mostly millennials who are active on social media channels round the clock. Thus, brands are putting their best efforts in creating valuable user experiences on these channels to achieve desired conversions. However, as competition keeps intensifying on Instagram, how does a brand ensure that they are getting the exposure that they deserve?

One great way to do so would be to integrate Instagram into the business’ official website. It would mean that you not only drive traffic to your site from your Instagram profile but also vice versa. Take a look at some of the most effective ways of integrating Instagram into web design so that each can benefit the other:

Embed Instagram Feed

Embedding an Instagram feed into your web design is the very first step that you must take. There are many brands and even small businesses that use this method to give their website the much needed Instagram boost. While you may have a ‘Gallery’ section where you can upload photos of your store or business, having an Instagram feed on the website can lead people to your Instagram profile and also drive Instagrammers to your site. If you can maintain just one theme for both your profile and website, with same colors and font, the integration would seem seamless and therefore, more professional.

Leverage the Look Book for Instagram

Did you know that with just one Instagram profile, you can generate an entire website’s content? If you want to create a lookbook style website, you can just link your Instagram profile to your site, regularly upload good photos and generate relevant content. In such websites, the focus is on the photos rather than the content. The thumbnails of the products will get expanded on Instagram, complete with product information and shopping link.

Don’t forget the Hashtag Feed

As your business keeps garnering more and more attention on social media, you can create a hashtag feed to encourage your target audience to share relevant content. It is essential for boosting customer involvement. All you have to do is create a hashtag that your followers and fans can use while sharing. Instagram and Twitter posts can be combined into one feed for even better engagement. This feed can be displayed on the website’s homepage. This type of feeds help users feel like they are a part of the company and by replying to their posts, you can assure them that they matter to you.

Use the Instagram Badges

Sometimes simplicity can take you a long way. In case your website is already well developed with a user-friendly design, animations, videos, and images, it would be wise not to make the design even busier by putting the Instagram feed on the home page. Instead, you can simply put the logo of Instagram at the bottom of your homepage along with the logos of other social media platforms. These logos are often referred to as badges. The power of these badges is often underestimated by web designers whereas they are probably the most compelling features of a company’s website that connects the visitors to the brand’s social networking channels. 

It goes without saying that unless you are following a solid strategy for promotion through Instagram, and if you are not updating your profile frequently, you will not receive the desired results from the channel. Fortunately, you can avail professional Instagram profile management services from portals like Gramista. These services automate profile management for you and make the interactions smoother. As a result, you get more time to focus on other critical business processes.

The benefits include

  • Increased engagement with hundreds of accounts every day without having to invest time in content creation and hashtag research.
  • Better targeting and responses (likes, comments) based on location and updates.
  • Better awareness creation among target audience
  • Better returns on investment as automation services are cost effective.

Instagram automation is effective yet very simple. It helps you to customize your activity, uses hashtags and brings in followers that truly matter. So, don’t wait any longer. Go ahead with Instagram automation and reap the benefits of integrating your profile with your website’s design.

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