Communication In The Workplace: Why It’s Important & How To Get People Talking

It is hard to get anything done properly if no one knows what is expected of them. It can also be difficult to get work done if no one knows the status of a project or where needed supplies are. How can business owners and managers get their people to start talking to each other more?

Have Regular Meetings

A regular team meeting is the perfect opportunity to allow people to bring up ideas, talk about any concerns that they have and ask questions. Managers should either organize these meetings or be in the room when they happen to get a feel for what their teams are doing well and what can be improved. If necessary, private meetings should also be scheduled to address concerns or give praise.

Communication May Limit Personal Misunderstandings

When a worker doesn’t get a response to an email or a phone call, that person may assume that their colleague or manager is doing so on purpose. If someone shows up late without calling in first, the rest of the team may assume that this was done with malice. Therefore, having a policy that puts a priority on responding to emails or having employees call if they will be late can reduce tension between everyone within an organization.

Use White Boards to Communicate Important Information

A white board or other write-on message boards make it easier to ask questions or relay important bits of information to workers. For instance, someone who wants to switch shifts can post the time that they work as well as their phone number. Managers can post updated sales goals or customer compliments that team members may have received in the past day or week.

Hold Team Building Events

Getting people to engage in friendly competitions in the workplace may help people get over their differences for the chance to win cash or extra time off. Holding company picnics or trips to amusement parks may also help to build camaraderie between colleagues. Taking trips to escape rooms or other venues where employees have to solve problems together can help improve communication on the job.

If you notice that workers aren’t communicating well within your company, then that needs to change quickly. People don’t like to work with those who they don’t like or trust. Customers may also notice the tense atmosphere and choose to spend their money elsewhere. Fortunately, it isn’t always difficult to get people to learn how to like their colleagues or at least start working toward a common goal together.

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