Golden Applications Of Amino Acid Analysis

Golden Applications Of Amino Acid Analysis

Amino acids analysis is the process of identifying and giving identity to different peptides and proteins. The process of amino acid analysis also helps group amino groups as either primary amino acids of secondary amino acids depending on their features. During the process of analysis bonds with proteins are hydrolyzed because amino acid is the smallest components of proteins are found deep within proteins as compounds. Hydrolysis is the process through which protein bonds are broken, and amino acids are now free. These free amino acids are selected, and this makes the process of determining whether an amino acid is in the primary or secondary group of amino acids becomes easy.

Applications of amino acid analysis

Amino acids are mostly found in mammals and other living organisms. Therefore, analysis of amino acids has a wide range of applications in areas and activities related to living organisms and precisely human beings. Some of the applications of amino acid analysis include;

  • Amino acid analysis help in the determination of the concentration of pure proteins whose sequence of the amino acid is known.
  • Amino acids analysis is also used in the determination of the total amount of proteins contained in the sample.
  • Amino acid also determines the concentration of all protein components within a test which can be used in carrying out an analysis of other elements in the sample.
  • On advanced stages, amino acid analysis helps in the determination of the purity of the sample which translates to the purity of the body system of the client or the other test subject.

Alphalyse organizes different types of amino acid analysis depending on the client’s requests. These categories of amino acid analysis assay include;

Triplicate analysis

Triplicate analysis is primarily used to determine the concentration of proteins and peptides within the sample provided by the client. The analysis is very accurate, and the results are both in the form of raw data and deconvulated data. The results of the analysis are always ready within 4-8 days.

Triplicate analysis and comparison

When it comes to triplicate analysis of amino acids with the comparison, the primary goal of analysis remains to check the concentration of proteins and peptides in the sample provided by the client. However, after analyzing the results are compared with the client’s protein sequence. Triplicate analysis and comparison is relatively more expensive than the ordinary triplicate analysis. The results are in the form of raw data and deconvulated data.

Experts ta Alphalyse always carry out the process of amino acid analysis, carry out calculations and prepare reports using simple terms for different clients to understand even those who are not experts in the health sector. And by exercising caution, the results are very accurate and thus can be used in making a vital decision about the client’s health.

However for the results to be very accurate, several measures are put in place.

  • Clients are always advised to submit the sample in the form of a liquid.
  • The sample should be free from contamination.
  • The amino sample provides should not contain any solvents and should be stored in moderate temperatures to avoid any alteration in the structure of proteins and peptides in the sample.
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