Fatal Mistakes In Personal Statement You Must Be Aware Of

A personal statement is a piece of writing that one uses to describe who they are and is mostly used in CV’s and even when applying to a new school. In this piece of writing, one needs to give details of who they are, beyond what they have achieved or accomplished in life.

It is a common practice used by job seekers to prove to their potential employers that they deserve that particular position more than the other applicants. Knowing that your future may be in the hands of such a small piece of writing can be frustrating and also stressful.

You can seek the services of professionals who have specialized in personal statements writing. Below are some of the common mistakes that many individuals make in their content, and it costs them their desired positions, be it a job or school.

a) Underestimating Time taken

Even though most of us understand the importance of a personal statement, many people don’t take a chance to think about what they are going to write. Writing an ideal statement requires time and dedication to the process.

You will need to plan what you will write, do the actual writing and finally, review the material.

b) Using vague statements

You should try as much as possible to elaborate on your achievements, skills and all that you have to offer, given that position. Do not give general statements as they do not provide those analyzing the report, any significant detail about you.

Don’t shy away from providing concise but detailed explanations.

c) Wordiness

In as much as using general statements isn’t recommended, you should also refrain from using too many words. As you write a personal statement, try to be concise in your sentences. Do not beat around the bush by being wordy.

Picture this, the supervisor is going through various statements, and each is long and wordy. Would they prefer a short piece of writing or one with a lot of filler language?

d) Focusing on accomplishments that are not meaningful

When applying for any position, it is often advised to match your skills with those required in that area. The same principle applies when writing a personal statement. Your greatest achievement may not be the best accomplishment to dwell on.

Go for those circumstances or achievements that shaped and molded you into who you are. Moreso, those that have some level of influence in your life, etc.

e) Not capitalizing on your First paragraph

It is prudent for you to take advantage of the first paragraph. It is what will appeal the reader and make him, or her, read more of the content or lose interest from the word go. So, choose what you will include in your first paragraph, wisely.

Ensure that you use proper grammar. You don’t want to depict yourself as irresponsible simply because, no matter the level of education that you have, bad grammar is just a turn-off. Set aside time to proofread the material and make the necessary adjustments.

f) Forgetting to include a statement of purpose

You should always include the reason why you want or feel that that position suits you or why you want to go to that specific school. It is where you declare your passion or interest for that position or opportunity. Yes, everyone else may also do the same, but the reader has to understand why you feel you are suitable.

They won’t be able to guess why and that’s why you need to jot it down.

Avoiding these common mistakes will increase the appeal of your personal statement. You can also hire professional writer to do all these. Check your punctuations, are they in the right place? There are several software that you can use for proofreading services online.

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