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Close Look At Mobile Woocommerce

With the quick passage of time, WooCommerce is becoming more and more popular among e-marketers. The open-source plugin created in 2011 is designed to facilitate each and every kind of businesses especially those who wish to sell their products online. Basically, it is an easy toolkit that lets you sell anything you want online. Today, if you already have a website, you can easily convert it into a mobile app by hiring a WooCommerce development company. In fact, larger screen sizes and improved hardware means they are as easy to use for games, research, note taking and shopping online. However, a customer viewing your store from the phone is much different than them buying from it.

Several researchers have found that more than 40% of mobile users will leave a website and go back to their search results in the case if the site isn’t mobile-friendly. Can you afford to reduce the bounce rate by 40%? I am sure not! Fortunately, here in the post, I would like to share a few steps to improve your mobile WooCommerce store without undergoing a costly redesign plus, how one can unlock the hidden powers of WooCommerce for mobile shoppers.

Step 1- Review your homepage, product pages, and checkout experience

A responsive website design automatically attracts its customers by scaling up its content up and down in order to match the viewer’s screen size. This is the first and foremost thing that comes up in regards with mobile friendliness. And since there is much more you can do to improve the experience of shoppers with small screens, WooCommerce development has both built-in options and paid extensions that result by improving the overall layout and boost shoppers happiness.

So here you need to:-

  • Reduce the homepage content to avoid scroll overload
  • Make sure that all the products are easily accessible
  • Keep the checkout procedure as simple as possible

Step 2- Make use of the mobile-friendly product gallery

Gone all the days when the shoppers use to buy right on the basis of price. Today a shopper considers several factors from copywriting to reviews while making a purchasing decision. Besides, the photo or image of your product have a big influence on whether click “buy” or not!

WooCommerce 3.0 incorporates a new product gallery that improves mobile experience up to a great extent as with new gallery, images can be now displayed at their true size on mobile. In addition to this, touch gestures have been improved through which one can swipe left, right, scroll all the images, pinch to zoom and more.

Step 3- Payments are made faster and easier for mobile shoppers

When a customer is willingly trying to give their money, nothing should stop them or else they might switch over to your competitors. And this is the reason why it is always advisable to have an efficient payment gateway. Making the process of paying hassle-free especially for small screens can increase your revenues in no time.

Here I would like to share certain extensions to keep in mind especially when it comes to WooCommerce development.

  1. Apple Pay- Apple Pay specializes in offering one-touch payments and uses safely stored information to make ordering fast, easy and super secure.
  2. PayPal- Another popular extension which is fast, simple and trusted in many countries. And due to 2-factor authentication, it is super secure and customers can pay via safely stored card or bank information.
  3. Amazon Pay- The free extension lets your customers pay for their orders using information which is already stored with Amazon. Apart from this, the customer will never leave your site.

Step 4- Extensions which offer optimal screen shopping experience

Till now, we have already mentioned a few WooCommerce extensions that might help your mobile shoppers see product details easily, make payments quickly or complete the checkout with less hassle but there are numerous other options through which you can optimize the shopping experience on smaller screens. Extensions like:-

  • WooCommerce social login- This extension, in particular, allows the shopper to create or log into their account via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. By this one can entirely eliminate the need for another password and make the sign-in process super speedy for returning customers.
  • Variation swatches and photos- Are you sick and tired of those difficult-to-tap drop-down menus used for choosing product variations? Replace them with color swatches and photos of your available options.
  • Recommendation engine- This shows recommended or related products on each page so mobile customers keep on browsing without the need to start a new search each and every time.

We hope the post proves to be helpful for you in the long run! Keep watching the space to know more about WooCommerce development company.

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