Child Welfare: Why Single Moms Should Pursue A Career In Social Work

Child Welfare: Why Single Moms Should Pursue A Career In Social Work

Being a single parent can be a challenging full-time job and an individual household with kids can benefit from a certification in child behavior and child rearing. When adequate community resources are not available to help you as a single parent, pursuing a career in social work can help parents deal with many family related issues. It can also help reduce the stress of juggling a family on your own. More importantly, you’ll be able to help your child cope with a one parent household. Social work specializes in children and families while giving single parents the opportunity to have certified parenting skills.

Master Being a Single Mom

A single mother has a versatile role as a parent that involves supporting, nurturing, care-taking, and listening to their children. Your daily duty as a parent mimic those of a social worker. Learn about the physiological needs of your child, how to communicate effectively, and maintain family relationships from your social work curriculum. Learn how to deal with adversity in your home or children with autism. The lessons that you learn in school can be applied to your own family relationships. An online masters of social work degree can help you maintain a healthy family, be a rewarding career, and pay extremely well.

Motherhood is a Full-Time Job

Motherhood can seem like a full-time job with no benefits, but receiving certification as a social worker can be a useful tool towards parenting. In essence, you can learn while you earn and continue to reap the benefits of your degree, long into your child’s adult years. Social work is centered on family and children which can be a valuable asset as a single mother ( A single family household can benefit from a social worker degree because it’s also a great job that can help them stay above the poverty level. Most single family households are led by a skilled worker, at or below the federal poverty level.

More importantly, a degree as a social worker helps you build family relationships. You can use your degree to structure a strong family. Learn ways to parent successfully and social work strategies to prevent juvenile delinquency. Social work gives you a unique experience into motherhood, as a single parent. Maintain a strong relationship with your family and encourage open communication with a degree in social work. A 2-year degree in social work can give you a lifetime of experience as a single parent.

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