Check-Up For Business Operations With Tekmetric Auto Repair Software

When analysing yearly business operations, it should be done so in a way that aims to improve all services. This means you should also look at areas where you are under performing to see where you can make improvements. Business processes can be evaluated from a sales perspective and from a cost perspective. In other words, you should be aiming to increase sales and reduce costs. There are many processes within an auto repair business, this short article is not going to be able to discuss all of them. However, here are some areas that the auto repair software can help you to improve.

Appointment process

Your hope when an appointment is booked is that the customer shows up, if not, you are losing out on money. When appointments are scheduled manually, the technician has to either flick through the pages of a diary or scroll through an excel spreadsheet to find an open date. If the technician remembers, they will call the customer closer to the appointment date to remind them. However, since these phone calls are made during office hours, it is more than likely that the technician will have to leave a message that the customer might never answer. If these issues have been highlighted during your evaluations, you might want to think about investing in auto repair software. There are several reasons for this, but one of them is that you will increase sales by more people sticking to their appointment times.

Vehicle check in

The vehicle check in process is often a tedious one, the process is often long and time consuming which is not good for customer service. The aim here should be to get the customer in and out as quick as possible. If you have received customer complaints about the check in process, or you have noticed that there is room for improvement, you might want to consider investing in auto repair software because it will significantly speed up the process and enhance the customer experience.


There are several steps in the diagnosis process, this is typically done manually and on paper. Not only will auto repair software eliminate paper use, it will speed up the process and make communication with the service advisor and the customer more effective, because the diagnosis can be sent to the customer via email.

If the auto repair software sounds like something you might be interested in, you can test drive it free of charge. Tekmetric is offering a free trial for the remainder of 2018, there is no contract to sign, there is no small print to read, and neither are there any hidden charges. At the end of the year, if you decide that the software is of no benefit to your company, you are under no obligation to buy it, you can simply opt out without having to pay a cancellation fee.

Either way, a free trial is the most effective way to determine whether a product will be of any benefit to your company.

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