Business Rules: 5 Tips To Choose The Greatest Business Name

One of the most important and somehow complicated steps to start your business is choosing the business name. This is the first important step that must be fast and aggressive for one and long and reasonable for others. This is a kind of fight to define the right name of your company to set the right goals for the whole business. Do you need the examples?

Remember the colorful Irish product – whiskey. Irish whiskey is popular all over the world not only because of the big number of Irish emigrants, but because of its exclusive taste. The world famous brand names are Tullamore Dew, Jameson, Bushmills. The names were given because of the product containment. Of course, you have to taste it in the pub. If you want to buy a bottle of whiskey from the shop mall or hire a car in Dublin and go to learn the brand history from the local museum.

There is another bright example – Starbucks. All coffee lovers spend their coffee time there. What do you know about the Frappuccino? It can be easily prepared in Starbucks to have the best taste ever. Actually, every country, every big city boasts the number of popular brand names that are legendary now. Do you want your brand name will be legendary one day? There is also the set of rules to help you to pick up the best name ever.

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  1. Back to the Business Ideas

Of course, there are many component parts of your business that must be considered. Probably, you already have the ideas about what you want to see from the label or shop sign. The best way to pick up the best name for your business is analyzing the primary goals of it. Remember the primary mission, business-plans, unique selling point. Never forget about the targeted audience. You can make a list of the proper literature or world popular examples to look through. Here is the list of questions you should answer by choosing the name of you small business:

What message do you want to send by your business name?

What is the main priority of your company? What do you expect from the name? Do you want the name to be easy to say and remember or connected with your personal information?

What do you want people feel and think by saying the name of your brand?

What is the structure of your business and what abbreviation you are going to use: Inc. or LLC?

What names do you already have in your brand list? Which of them do you like the most and why?

What is the meaning of the length of the name? If it means, you have to pick the shortest or the longest name.

  1. Take the Brainstorming Pause

After you’ve heard the recommendations of your friends, colleges, you may present your own thoughts. Actually, the more people are involved in the process of brainstorming the better. You have to be creative but remember the voice of reason. If you are a newcomer in brainstorming, you can also ask for the professional help.


  1. Take Some Time to Taste the Name

Now, when you have a long list of your business opportunities you have to analyze the results. Just choose the names that you don’t really like and delete them from the list. So, the list is becoming shorter…Picking up the name for your business is rather difficult decision. The name will be the face of your business, so, it must be the best. Don’t be in a hurry, just stay and think. You can think for a day or two, making the list shorter and shorter. What are the names in the TOP of the list now? If you don’t like any of them, just start the brain storm again.

  1. Make a Search

Before you officially decide on your business name, you’ll want to check to make sure it’s not already trademarked. Search the federal database of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Trademark Electronic Search System (Tess). You should also run a series of searches with Google and other search engines about your desired business name to make sure there isn’t another company already using your name.

The part of your search must be directed to find out the domain object name also, especially if you are going to make a website to promote your company, goods and services. If the name that you’ve already picked to be the brand name is not available as a domain name, you should use abbreviations, or something alternative to find the right solution. Or, if you want, you can change the brand name again to do everything calm and clear.


  1. Register the Brand Name

If you own the limited liability company, or LLC, corporation, limited liability partnership, you should accept the agency by the state government. That is your company’s name also. If your company is the sole owner or shared partnership, you shouldn’t accept your company by the state government but accept it by the city administration. There is one more interesting point. If you are the company’s owner, you can accept the brand name as DBA to have the possibility to use the brand name that can be different from the company’s legal name.

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Of course, picking up the right brand name for your business you can spend much time and efforts. Nevertheless, this step is very serious to grudge time for it. The name of your brand is definitely worth time you spent. After you could make the choice and pick up the brand name for your business, your enterprise started living with its legal life. Try to be the wise owner to do your job well and make everyone to do the same. The world of small business is very various. As far as you’ve made the first step to you success – gave the name to your brand, never stop and move on! Your business will work for the reputation first and then, later on, the reputation will work for you.

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