Best Ways To Put A Curb On Your College Application Fees

Before you even start studying, you have to pay application fees. Many students do not have a lot of money to throw around and any kind of saving is appreciated. With all the student fees and text books you have to buy, it can be such a relief to save on those application fees. Sometimes all it takes a bit of wit and other times you will have to work for it, but there are ways you can save on these fees and I am going to tell you exactly hoe.

Narrow down your options

You do not have to apply for every college. Narrow down your options to the ones that you would be delighted to get into. Write an amazing essay for your application and make sure it is so good that they cannot resist accepting you. Sometimes, we apply at a large amount of institution because we doubt that we will be accepted at our first choices. Stop doing this to yourself, because you are good enough to get into the college you want to study at.

Write a waiver letter

If you do not know how to write a waiver letter, you will find many samples online. A waiver letter is where you try and prove to the committee that you are good enough to be accepted into their college, but you would like for them to waive the application feel. Find a waiver letter sample and give it a try for yourself. The only bad thing that can come from this is them saying no. If they say yes though, you have just saved yourself some bucks.

Apply for early admissionBest Ways To Put A Curb On Your College Application Fees

This tip is not for the procrastinators of the world, but this tip will work for someone who is productive and likes to get things done. There is usually an early submission date set by each college and if you are accepted, you do not have to pay the application fees. This is a great opportunity and there is not rocket science to it. You simply have to do some proper planning for your future and then add your college application to your list.

Free online applications 

There are some colleges who offers free online applications and you should totally go for that option. You are making the lives of the admissions committee much easier and you are saving money. There is nothing else to say about this option, but you have to try it if it is available at the colleges of your choice.

No fee colleges exist

If you are not particularly concerned about which college you get into, stop for a minute and take another look at your options. There are a lot of no fee colleges and it is not that unheard of. Of course, you need to cBest Ways To Put A Curb On Your College Application Feesonsider what you are willing to do to get out of paying the steep application fees. If you absolutely need to get out of paying, this is a great option for you to try.

Ask for help

Some students cannot pay the application fee, because they do not have the money available. In this case, you can speak to your school guidance counsellor and ask them to sign a free waiver form. You can also include in your essay, why you are unable to pay the application fee. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, when you’ve run out of options. You would be surprised how many times students go to teachers to ask for help with their college applications.


I do understand the frustration with college applications and money matters should be the last thing you should be worried about. You can get out of paying the application fee and do not ever feel like you are doing something wrong. These institutions want the best suited students and would rather waive the application fee to have the student that is going to make the college proud. You have worked hard to get to this place and there is no turning back now. Do what you have to do to secure your future. You are not going to let this application fee stand in the way of you becoming successful. Good luck with college and may you find the perfect way to curb as many expenses as you can.

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