Agricultural Malaysia: Buy-Sell Business For Export

Meeting the Malaysian agriculture sector! Your meeting starts from the plane, where you can see the straight never-ending rows of the palm plantation. What business are the most advanced in Malaysia?

Palm Oil Industry

According to the statistics, Malaysia takes the second place in the world from the export of the palm oil. You can be surprised with the useful qualities of this natural product. It is exported from Malaysia to the different countries to be used for producing chocolate, cookies, ice-cream and other sweets. The first industrial palm plantation was created in 1917. The palm business was mostly supported by the local government. That was time when the palm business started its development. More than millions of hectares are occupied with the palm plantations. Again, about one million of people are involved in the palm industry.

Oil Palm is the most effective oil culture in the world that needs only 0,26 hectares to produce the tone of oil. So, one hectare of palms produces about 4 tons of the palm oil. The palms are undemanding: each of them produces about 25 kilograms of fruits during 30 years. By the way, the palm oil can be of two sorts: made of fruit body or stone. It is important to know because it makes the oil price.

banana plantation

Cameron Highlands

Welcome to the Сameron Highlands! You can be amazed of the roads quality and 4G just in the deep jungle. Actually, Cameron Highlands is a very popular touristic area. You can get here by bus from every corner of the country. You can also use taxi or rental car services. It takes about 3 hours to get there from Kuala Lumpur. The main job of the local farmers is planting fruits and vegetables. Vegetables (cabbage, greens, tomatoes, zucchini, salad) are planted in the special hothouses or terraces to use every corner of the ground.

This is also a region to plant strawberry. There are many strawberry farms around the hotel place in Highlands. The farmers always welcome tourists and everyone who comes to buy the strawberry, to pick it on their own. It’s like win-win shopping. This is a great opportunity for farmers to save money from the hiring additional farm workers. In return, this is a chance for you to make sure that the product that you are going to buy is fresh and organic.

Taman Agro Tourism Strawberry Farm

There is a farm Taman Agro Tourism that is specialized in planting strawberry and making food of it. Thus, local cafe offers to try sandwiches, pizza, tea, coffee, ice-cream, cakes, pies and chocolate strawberry. Every tasty thing is made of the fresh-grown strawberry. You can also buy strawberry cosmetics here: candles, soap, jam, clothes and towels. There are also many interesting places to take photos.

There is a special processing department. If you want to visit it, you have to be specially dressed. You have a chance to learn making strawberry jam from the farm courses. The courses are financed by the local government to create the only one country brand of the Cameron Highlands Strawberry Jam. This is a kind of educative training to discuss such important topics as harvest quality, post-harvest, farm logistics, jam producing. The most of the strawberry jams of the Highlands region must be produced according to the only one standard recipe.


Dragon Fruit Farm

The Fruit Farm is located in Langkawi. You can get there by taxi or you may easily hire a car in Langkawi. This is a popular touristic route. The excursion groups for 10-12 visitors. You have a chance to learn a lot about the local fruits and plants. You may taste the most popular fruits on this farm – dragon fruit and yellow watermelon. There is also an opportunity to take some pictures, taste ice-cream and buy souvenir.

Local Fruits

How about trying something new and tasty? You can easily go to the local market and buy apples, or so-called Cameroonian apples. The fruit came from the South America to be known under the name of melon pear. Nevertheless, it is still called apples in Malaysia. The taste is strange, something from melon and cucumber. You should also buy Labu air. This sort of fruit is used to make musical instruments, cups and bowls. The fruit came from Africa. The fruit grows for 20 centimeters per day.

Local Vegetables

Madri Farm is specialized in planting vegetables. You can taste the hybrid of tomato and eggplant. The choice of salads is very big. There are many huge territories with different vegetables.


BOH Tea Plantations

BOH Plantation was founded by the Englishmen in 1935. It occupies the square of 234 hectares. The plantation is more than 100 years. As a rule, the tea bushes must be about 1 meter high. You can see the giant-trees that are more than 2 meters high. It can be also very interesting to visit the tea factory to learn all stages of sorting, processing and packing. The best high-price tea is made of the young tea leaves.

Traditionally, you have a chance to visit the unique tea shop. It is very interesting that tourists usually ask for black and green tea to buy. You should know that the tea from BOH plantation is always black. They don’t produce green or white tea. As much as European tourists prefer green tea to black, it was decided to import the Thai green tea to the shop to pack it and sell for tourists.

Tea Kung Fu

Malaysia is the main importer of different agricultural products. This is not only the successful importer but interesting business partner. You can find the well-developed infrastructure: roads, highways, harbors, internet connection. The citizens speak different languages. The cities are good-organized. More and more people come to Malaysia every year to pay for the high-quality food and services. Nevertheless, it is still Asia. So, Asians are good and reliable business partners. As you can see, the agricultural sector is well developed. They have business skill in the genes.

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