According To Jon Bunge Chicago, Bigger Is Not Always Better

If you were to look at personal injury firms, it seems as if the large, national firms have cornered the market. However, if you are looking for your own personal injury attorney, you might want to consider that bigger does not always mean better. According to Jon Bunge Chicago is a great place to find lawyers of all types and firms of all sizes. A good law firm in Chicago is also not about breaking the bank. Rather, they are about making sure that you get the right representation in complex cases, and particularly in personal injury. Jon Bunge has revealed the top reasons why you may want to avoid the biggest firms, in fact.

According to Job Bunge Chicago Requires a Personal Touch

The first thing that large firms can’t do, is provide their clients with a personal touch. They will not treat you as if you are a member of the family. Smaller firms, however, really get to know you and focus their full attention on the content of your particular case. They do not see hundreds of people walk through their doors every day, but rather really take the time for each individual one.

Large Firms Are Pressure Cookers

In large firms, you may feel as if one of the main partners will deal with your case. That is unlikely, however. In fact, they are almost above the law themselves and unless your case is very special, they will simply hand it over to an associate. If you go to a smaller firm, however, you will instead deal with a fully qualified lawyer. They actually want what is best for you, rather than finding a way to spend as little time as possible with you, but bill you for as many as possible.

Large Firms Charge for Location

If you consider a city like Chicago, a law firm that is based in a huge historic building right in the heart of the downtown area will have some significant overhead costs. You may be impressed by the comfortable surroundings and beautiful views, but the reality is that you are paying for that. A small firm, found in the backstreet of some old neighborhood, will have to pay far less for their rent, utilities, and more. Hence, they don’t have to charge you for those costs either.

Large Firms Can Be More Specialized

One key advantage of working with a large firm, is that you have more chance of dealing with a lawyer who has specialized their skills. Small firms usually focus on all aspects of the law, representing their entire community. However, there is also something special about that, something that makes them more unique. Additionally, you must remember that, in order for them to practice law in a certain area, they do have to be trained for that.

As you can see, there are some advantages to working with a larger firm. Overall, however, the underdog, the small firm in a real community, is likely to be much better for your needs.

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