9 Most Promising Careers Of The Next 5 Years or Which Specialty To Choose

Are you a high school graduate looking for a promising career path or are you looking to switch career? With unemployment rates still being on a high in different countries around the world, as you look for security in the job market, you need to be armed with relevant information on prospective career options.

As the needs of people change over time, so does career trends. You could be thinking about a completing a capstone project nursing, but what security does the career path offer? Below are some of the specialties to watch out for in the next five years:

  1. Physician’s Assistant

If you are interested in the field of medicine but are not keen on pursuing a full medical degree, this is an option for you. The duties of a PA are almost similar to those of a Nurse Practitioner. They perform tests, diagnose, treat patients and can even give prescriptions.

  1. Financial Analyst

There is an increased need for sound financial advice by both businesses and individuals. To venture into this field, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, accounting, or any area related to money matters. However, many employers do not specify a particular field.

  1. Nurse Practitioner

If times get tough as you ponder over your capstone project for nursing, think about these facts. The provision of health care services will always be on demand. The aging population is growing and technology advancing, which results in the need for preventive care.

Nurses can write prescriptions, perform checkups, and provide the same care as a doctor. Get the needed help with capstone project, if you have to, to realize your dreams.

  1. Marketing

Marketing professionals will remain in demand as companies seek to differentiate their services and products to the public. You need to have excellent research and excellent communication skills. Many professionals in this path have a business related degree. You can also checkout Online MBA in marketing if you need the ease to study from home.

  1. Alternative Energy

With the threat of climate change in mind, it is time to focus on other sources of energy. Many institutions are introducing programs that focus on green energy. To be a part of it, you will need to enjoy research and be mindful of conserving the environment.

This field will also open up opportunities for those in other career paths, such as mechanics, sales, etc.

  1. Information Technology

The area of technology is changing and advancing at a fast rate. It is no wonder that IT is one of the trending career paths. You will need to keep up with the rapidly changing field by participating in cutting-edge classes, getting relevant certifications and continuing education.

  1. Content Creation

The marketing field is evolving from being sales-based to education-based. It has seen an increased need for content creators. You don’t need to have pursued a certain degree, but most people in the specialization have a bachelor’s degree and some with a specialization in their field of interest.

You need to be creative, original and with exemplary writing skills.

  1. Computer Programmer

Many companies opt to hire i-house-programmers who they can monitor. Your tasks will be mainly in detecting and preventing chances for security breaches and terrorism. There many opportunities in the field of technology, from being an app developer or computer system analyst.

  1. Home Health Aide

A large number of people prefer to recuperate at home rather than pay enormous expenses for staying at the hospital. Also, baby boomers choose to spend time in their homes, as long as they could. It this gives opportunities for home health aides who could be nurses who prefer to work in flexible hours.


While it may be difficult to choose between prestige and passion as you look at career prospects, there are many opportunities that you can invest in your desires for a secure career prospect in the future.

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