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7 Bright Solar Technologies To Improve Your Home

Home improvement is always a great decision. It becomes even better idea with green energy technologies. More and more homeowners wonder how to solar panels and how much money they can save. There are a lot of others solar home improvements that are appealing because of being eco-friendly and able to reduce energy bills.

The type of improvement should be chosen depending on a personal situation, location, and taste. Luckily, best solar panel company shared several projects that are suitable nearly for every house. Check the list of best solar home improvements below.

Take Care of The Landscape

The plants around the house are often perceived as decoration but they can do more than aesthetical function. The deciduous trees planted around the house make summers cooler and winters warmer. It might be a great way to save a little on air conditioning and heating. The bushes and shrubs may protect the house from strong winds and allow you to enjoy the light natural breeze.

Install Photovoltaic System

The photovoltaic system generates enough electricity to provide your whole house with energy directly from sunlight. This clean and environmentally-friendly construction allows saving utility-generated power and reducing the pollution. The popularity of PV systems is growing. As they become more competitive on the market, the experts predict they might also become much more affordable in the nearest future.

Swimming Pool Improvement

A solar swimming pool heater could let you use your pool much more often. It will make the temperature comfortable for your body and the swimming season will last longer. Solar pool heating is considered to be the most cost-effective way of using solar energy. The same result can also be achieved with swimming pool covers. Both options are affordable and nature-friendly.

Solar Water Heater

Everyday life would be hard without hot water. Not everyone knows that water heating is expensive and requires a lot of energy. The solar water heating system converts the sunlight into the heat and transfers it to the liquid. The average price for the construction is usually only about a few thousand dollars and can be paid without loans. Another advantage of the solar water heating system is that it takes less space than photovoltaic panels.

Solar Lighting Outdoors

Your yard should look nice not only during the daytime but at night as well. Solar yard lights would greatly improve the look of your house giving it lighting without any wiring. The working principle of the solar lights reminds a lot a satellite. The systems stores the power received from the sun during the day and releases it in the evening. The installment is quite simple and it is possible to change the layout if it is necessary.

Cover the Windows

The importance of windows should not be underestimated when it comes to saving energy. In winter a lot of heat manages to escape due to conduction. This issue can be resolved thanks to windows covering with good insulation. Window blinds, thick drapes, cellular shades might make your house more energy efficient. In summer this improvement will allow to reduce the heat and save a little on air conditioning.

Solar Attic Vent Fan

Solar attic ventilation is aimed to create good continuous air circulation to prevent overheating in the summer. A lot of sunshine makes the system to work harder. Extra electrical wiring or structural changes will not be needed. Natural solar attic fans use photovoltaic panels and power the house ventilation for free. The installation takes less than an hour and is quite simple.

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