6 Ways To Get Your First 1,000 Followers On Instagram

Instagram is one of the popular platforms today in the world. It is an undisputed champion in the realm of gaining followers and making your mark through the social media. I am revealing my case study from when I was promoting online dissertation help company in social media. But you may ask that what I will have to do to achieve that level of awesomeness on Instagram. Well, first things first, it all starts with your first 1,000 followers.

This article will detail ways on how you can leverage Instagram to gather a following of 1,000 people. You don’t believe me, check out the steps below.

1.      Know Your Goal

There is no point in striving for something if you are not aware of the fact that why are you doing it in the first place. The goal should be clear. It is the same in life and not just Instagram if you don’t know why you are going where you are going, life become meaningless.

On Instagram, you ought to have an objective, to begin with. The question that why I need a following of 1,000 will help you devise astrategyfor achieving that target. If it is to simply become an Instagram sensation, nothing bad in it because at least you know that wish to be social media celebrity figure.

Another aspect of goal setting is hitting the mark within certain deadlines. Taking the example, if it is simply to become the next big thing on Insta then give yourself a deadline that by the close of December this year, I’ll have 1,000 followers and such. A goal without a timeline is like breathing without oxygen.

2.      Know Your Audience and What They Want to See

The second thing to watch out for is knowing your target audience. If it is just kids and youngsters, they will enjoy cool pics and stories with certain filters. If it is a group of adult men and women you are targeting then they would want something of value when following you on Instagram and so on.

Since the idea behind Instagram is about enacting a following, you cannot survive without if your content is being disliked by the people. Thus, it should be relevant, appealing and enticing at the same time. This is necessary in order to build a following or why would they follow you?

Like marketing research, knowing what your target audience’s preferences are on social media will give you a huge boost in terms of followers on social media.

3.      Have the Right Kind of Bio

This is another important point. People tend to write just about anything in their bio not realizing that if you cannot clearly communicate what you or your page is all about, people won’t give two cents about what content you have to offer on your Instagram.

Your bio should be relevant as this is the first line of interception where you introduce and speak to your audience. Instagram has 150 characters that you can use to fill in your bio with things like and is recommended; your USP (unique selling point), how it relates to your personality, and provide them with a link so that it can result in an action. Emphasize who you really are and that your page is more about the followers than you. Convince them with an attention-grabbing bio that you want to deliver value and nothing else!

4.      Do Your Hashtag Research

Oh, the hashtags and the cruelty of people. They don’t know why a hashtag is used in the first place and instead tend to use it everywhere and in everything. As an individual who is seeking 1,000 followers, your hashtag research should be on point.

If you are into handmade greeting cards business, you should do your homework as to what hashtags your audience is using such as existing customers or potential buyers and not the ones you think would do the trick.

You can increase your homework scope by extending it to the renowned accounts in your niche/industry and you will know which hashtags work (and which ones don’t). Checking out the accounts of your rivals can also give you insights into which hashtags are relevant and trending in your line of business.

Since hashtags enable people to find the content they seek, the correct hashtag research will land your brand at the forefront when customers come looking.

5.      Like & Comment on Your Audience’s Posts

So you have narrowed down the people who search using the hashtags researched above, now you can find them and see if they’d be interested in what you have to offer. If they appear to be the kind of people who would be interested in handmade greeting cards (example above) then they are your potential customers.

It does not mean that you start stalking their every move, it is just that you should use your best judgment in analyzing whether or not they could be interested in buying from you. Once you are convinced, you can start by liking and leaving comments on their pictures/videos.

As with everyone on social media they would feel good that someone is liking and leaving comments on their content. This will propel them to check out your profile. Be ready because when they visit your account, everything from your bio to content should be perfect so as to attract them in buying from you.

Simple yet effective technique.

6.      Do Shout Outs with Influencers

Influencers by definition are those people who have their own following but their word of mouth about your brand is enough to bring hundreds of followers to your account. Customers look up to influencers and whatever they say they tried or been two, followers follow suit. That is the deal with influencers.

Therefore, forge ties with your influencers in bringing your first followers on Instagram close to a thousand mark. Share their post with the intention of promoting their content and in turn, they will share yours to their followers. It’s a win-win for both parties.

Author Bio: Ivan Hamlin is a digital content producer by profession. He loves to blog and is a foodie. You can contact him for online dissertation help by following him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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