5 Tools That Will Help You Provide Excellent Customer Experience

In today’s world of rapidly evolving networks and technology, consumers are expecting faster and better service. The customer experience is the overall satisfaction your customers get from interactions with your business. Maximizing it is important for any company.

This can include the entire process from clicking a link to post-sales follow up. These interactions can be either direct, such as a call to your customer service center, or indirect, like customers sharing their experiences on social media.

While there are a range of customer service software vendors, here are some of the preferred tools for providing the best customer experience.


Zendesk was engineered to provide a user-friendly approach to customer support. It’s used across a wide spectrum of industries such as software, retail, and government. Zendesk enables customers to reach you from anywhere via mobile platforms such as iOS, Blackberry, and Android.

Customers can reach your company via chat, text, online forms, and other channels. The software is fast and easy to implement. Part of its appeal is that it’s easily scalable from small businesses to international corporations. You can add additional features as they become available. Zendesk provides a versatile, user-friendly customer support solution that can grow with your company.


Freshdesk is a cloud-based solution that supports the full range of consumer channels, including email, social media, mobile devices, and more. A bad customer experience inspired the creation of software that now consolidates various aspects of customer service into a central system. Your teams can utilize intuitive interfaces to address customer concerns.

Freshdesk allows the administration of multiple teams and workloads as well as the definition of escalation procedures. It includes support for multiple languages, time zone variation, and the ability to include information on products and branding.

This solution improves the customer experience by providing self-service hubs to submit enquiries and monitor ticket status, plus access to your knowledge bases to increase engagement with your products or services. Community forums allow your customers to find solutions and share or vote on new ideas.

Office 365 Business

Microsoft’s popular suite of productivity tools is now cloud-based. It’s no longer a basic desktop application but a subscription-based product. It still has the familiar applications that work together seamlessly, but also some new tools for customer service.

Microsoft Bookings is an appointment scheduling app that helps your team plan and coordinate customer interactions. It allows you to create customer-facing webpages so that your customers can schedule their own contacts to fit your team’s schedule. This helps to ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes mobile apps for tracking leads, automating service calls, and more. These apps range from tools for customer service and sales to financial solutions. They can be integrated into one system or used separately. Your teams can even work offline and have their information synchronized when they log on again.

Conversocial Software

This is a comprehensive platform for tracking and managing all of your social media activity. Social media is becoming a valuable channel for providing customer service and promoting customer experience. The software allows you to automatically distribute workloads and configure priorities in issues and support tickets so that critical problems don’t get neglected.

Conversocial Software can be easily adapted for use in banking, telecommunications, health care, and much more. You can get an overview of a wide range of customer interactions through a single interface. It includes tools for reporting, social dialogue filters, and collecting customer feedback. This simplifies workflows and allows your customer agents to find information more quickly and efficiently.


LiveChat is intelligently designed to provide better support for online customer service. It has powerful chat capabilities and offers a range of add-ons for automating sales and marketing campaigns, plus allows for easy integration with most popular CRM (customer relationship management) solutions.

One feature that distinguishes LiveChat, Inc. from competitors is a revolutionary ticketing system that allows offline messaging to be captured and included into your support team’s workflow. You can dynamically assign status or implement a number of customizations to best serve your business needs.

Final Thougths

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that today’s consumers are more demanding in their expectations of customer service, and over more digital channels. To provide the best customer experience you need web-based tools that can integrate with social media and mobile device platforms. The applications listed above can provide solutions that will increase the response time of your contact centers and improve the efficiency of agent performance; both are key to providing a better customer experience.

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