3 Fantastic Ways Technology Has Improved Life For The Elderly

Many retirees don’t have to set aside their independence or the majority of their passions simply because their bodies have aged. More than 50% of adults 65+ use the internet. Modern technologies have made it possible for the elderly to do more than previous generations. Tech also allows seniors to find new ways to enjoy the things they love. Consider these fantastic ways that technologies have improved their lives:

Greater Mobility

Some seniors aren’t allowed to drive any longer or their legs, knees and/or hips can no longer support them when walking for long or short periods. Driver-less cars and motorized shopping carts and wheelchairs have made it easier than ever for them to remain mobile. Design programs and 3D printers create more customized arm and leg braces that improve general mobility. Even advanced crosswalk alert systems help the elderly move more easily around busy city streets. Certain technologies, such as simulations, games, touchscreens and related accessories, allow seniors to enjoy sports and hobbies via virtual environments without the difficulty with traditional tools that require excellent motor skills.

More Independence

Some retirees rely on new technologies to help them stay at home when in the past they would have been forced to enter nursing homes because of adult independence problems. For example, seniors with memory difficulties can use electronic assistants to tell them if they have taken their pills for the day and remind them of upcoming appointments and to-do lists. Some SMART home ovens automatically shut off hot oven burners so that seniors who are sometimes forgetful can continue to cook. Global online ordering and home delivery services allow the elderly to order products and services, including medical equipment and groceries, without worrying about finding someone to drive them to stores.

Better Healthcare

Lastly, technology helps medical staff at doctor’s and specialty offices, diagnostic centers and hospitals improve elderly lives through better healthcare. Although 89% of health care organizations experience data breaches, encrypted electronic medical records help put critical health data in the hands of those who need it almost instantly, and there are constant efforts to make this more secure daily. Technologies have improved medical education and resulted in better training and education, like a doctorate of nursing. Computer systems, webcams and video conferencing help seniors receive examinations and converse with their healthcare teams without ever leaving their homes.

These are obviously only a few of the great ways that technologies have given seniors more fulfilling lives. A simple online search using the keywords “technology” and “elderly” can reveal many more advances. Additional innovations are currently in development. The sky’s the limit.

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