Which Is The Best Place To Study An MBA, The UK or US?

When it comes to the top quality MBA, the United States of America and the United Kingdom is head to head. That is what makes every international student confused when he think of getting an MBA degree from abroad. However, the UK and USA are the top two destinations that every student think of getting the high-quality education. Moreover, the cost of education is somewhat similar too of both the sides of Atlantic. But this doesn’t mean that you can count both of these countries equal in the education. The education systems of both the US and UK has some positive points and negative points. Since you are searching the information regarding the MBA, let’s stick to it only and evaluate the MBA programs of both the countries and decide which is the best place to study MBA in the UK and US?


The MBA is referred to be the degree of professionals because mostly those students who are doing jobs already take admission in such programs to increase their academic skills. It is not easy to continue a full-time degree program with your job that is why it is important to consider the environment in which you are going to get your degree. For the international students, they have to quit their job to do MBA from the UK or US because it is nearly impossible to get a year leave for educational purpose unless the company itself send someone abroad to get the skills which can help the organization.

Ranking and the Quality of Education:

It is not easy to compare the ranking and quality of the education of both the countries. The US and UK are considered to be most ideal places for the higher education and almost every student in the world wish to be the part of any university of these countries. Both the countries are providing best in class education that is the reason why every student get attracted to them. Analyzing both the countries on the basis of ranking would not be appropriate because the universities ranking changes every year. However, just for the sake of the comparison, the USA is leading the ranking charts of world’s top ten universities with six over three universities of the United Kingdom. So as far as the rankings are concerned, the USA is a more likeable place for the MBA than the UK.

When it comes to the quality, the UK has upper hand. The rankings of the universities not based on the quality of education only. There are much more aspects that the jury considers while ranking the universities. Maybe the reason of having low industry income due to the lesser economy than the US cost the UK in the rankings, but as far as teaching and quality of education are concerned, UK is ahead of the USA. That is why in 2015 the Wall Street Journal of the USA reported that more and more Americans are going to the UK and other parts of the Europe to get their MBAs. The only reason which I see of this is the quality and the environment that the UK provides to the international and local students.

Eligibility Criteria:

Another aspect that every student should consider while deciding the place for the MBA degree program is the eligibility criteria. However, eligibility criteria vary from university to university, but the following are some norms that get followed everywhere.

  • Eligibility for the USA: for getting the admission in any USA university for the MBA, you need minimum four years of education after 10+2.
  • Eligibility for the UK: it is easier to get admission in the UK universities for the MBA. Only with the three years of graduation is accepted by the UK universities.
  • GMAT Score: USA asks more GMAT score than the UK. For the USA universities, a student needs 720-730 GMAT score. On the other hand, UK demand 680-690 GMAT score.
  • Work Experience: work experience is also important to get admission in the MBA program in both of the countries. However, the importance of work experience differs. For the US universities, a student needs three to six years of work experience. Conversely, the UK doesn’t give importance to work experience as much as the US do and they only demand for the work experience of two to four years.

These eligibility criteria differ from university to university in both of the countries. That is why it is important to check the websites of the universities of the country in which you are going to get admission.

Job Prospects:

One of the biggest reason why a person gets the higher education is to earn money and get the job of his dreams. That is why it is important to evaluate the job prospects that the universities of both the countries provides. Following are some of the points which are ranked from easy to good.

  • Chances for employment for the UK: Fair
  • Chances for employment for US: Good
  • Work Permit for the UK: Fair
  • Work Permit for US: Easy

The chances of getting employment after doing MBA from the USA and UK are high and almost equal too. However, what matters a lot is getting the admission in the country in which you are doing your MBA. In the UK, there is a decent enough chance that you can get the work permit after your MBA. Conversely, since the Trump government in the USA, it has become harder for the students after MBA to get the work permit.

Education Style:

Just like the cultures and the people of both the countries, the style of education of both the countries are different too. While studying in the US, you will find the variety and wideness in the learning system. The students also get the chance to apply for optional subjects by going ahead of the curriculum of their major. The colleges and the universities of the USA believe in the breadth of learning.

Conversely, the universities of the UK only focus on the subject area of the MBA. In the UK, you have to opt and gain the knowledge in the selected subject area from the classroom teachings which allows you to go in depth of your study.

Visa Process:

Since the 9/11, not the US but the UK also has stricken their visa policies. It has become extremely difficult for the students coming from the developing countries especially from the Muslim countries. The competition is tough, and the visa acceptance rate for the international students in both the countries is much lower as it should be if we consider the space that the universities of these countries have.

However, by comparing the visa policies of the USA and UK, the visa policy of the UK for the students is much easier for the benefit of global education. That is why the UK gets more visa and university admission applicants per seat which make it tough for the authorities to decide the destiny of the applicant.


Because both of the countries are the home to the largest population of the immigrants that is why both the countries are multi-cultured and with students coming from all corners of the world make both of these countries a bouquet of different cultural roses. That is why both of the countries at least official level provide full support to the international students so they can feel the home even staying away from the home miles.

If you are a nature lover and like to live in the cities with wide fields, the UK is the perfect place to enjoy your MBA with the green fields. On the other hand, the lifestyle of the USA is fast moving and easy going suburbs.

Cost of Living:

The UK and the USA are one of the most expensive countries to live in the world. However, when you compare the cost of the MBA in USA and UK you will still find some differences. If you are thinking to study MBA in the USA, you are going to need more money than the UK. The tuition fee, accommodation and living expenses of the universities in the USA are much more expensive than any other part of the world including the UK.

Life after MBA:

MBA is not limited to the degree. In my opinion, the MBA is larger than just a degree, and it is important to evaluate the life after completing your MBA degree from both the countries.

  • If you are planning to stay in the same country where you have done your MBA degree, then the USA is a better place to stay. Though getting the job is not easy in the USA, but once you get it, you will also get the biggest paycheck.
  • The MBA from the UK only gets the work permit for two years on the condition of getting the job.
  • The benefit of having an MBA degree from the UK is that you can also get the opportunities to get the job in the Europe too. However, since the Brexit, there are some chances that you can find the tough time getting the job on UK degree.
  • If you are planning to come back to your country after the MBA from any of these both countries, there is not a possibility that you will not get any job.

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Adam is an MBA degree holder from the Stanford University and leading a successful life in marketing and blogging for the online academic writing websites which also provides the services like assignment help.

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