Top Tips For First Time Casino Goers

I have been a big fan of casinos for many years, I love the action, the gambling and the whole experience. In fact, often when I am traveling for work I love nothing more than staying in a hotel which has a casino in it so that I can pass the time when I am alone, and have a bit of fun whilst doing so. Just last week I was staying in the fantastic Bicycle Hotel and Casino in California, a really impressive hotel with an outstanding casino. Whilst I was in the casino, I spent a lot of time just watching what was going on as opposed to gambling and I love to watch the first timers in a casino to see how they get on.

Walking into a casino for the first time is a pretty harrowing experience and if you are about to do so, here are some tips to help you out.

Money First

The first thing which you need to do, before you even enter the casino, is make your mind up as to how much money you will spend. The reason for this is that casinos can be incredibly dangerous and there is always a risk that if you lose, you will keep betting until you get your money back, a strategy which invariably results in you losing more money. Have an idea in your mind of how much you are prepared to lose and stick to it.

Quiet Tables

If you are in a big casino, it is likely that there will be some tables which are quieter than others, these are the tables that you should be heading towards. If you are on a quiet table then there will be no pressure from others around you and the croupier will even help you to find your feet. On a busy table the croupier will have no time for you and there will be many other people at the table which could put you under pressure.


If you don’t know what the casino games are or how to play them, it may be worth your while doing a little bit of research before you go to the casino. If you have a quick look on YouTube, you will find plenty of guides which will explain the basics of each casino game. Also, if you want a little bit of practice, you can play some casino games online until you get an understanding of what you are doing. If you are able to do some research online first, you can feel much more confident on entering the casino.

Get Out

Many people have difficulty when it comes to knowing when to leave and you really need to make an agreement in your mind as to when you will leave. For example you could decide on a particular  hour to leave, when you are X amount of dollars up, or when you have lost a certain percentage of your cash. Don’t overstay your welcome in a casino, if you do, you could end up in trouble.


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