Tips for Making Extra Income

Online employment opportunities make earning extra cash easier today than ever before. Customary ancillary jobs are still viable sources though.

Taking on a 2nd job, such as driving for Uber of Lyft, can bring in additional cash to supplement your regular income used for important obligations, like mortgage, car payment, or credit card payment. Having extra money will allow you the freedom to do what you otherwise may not be able to do, such as travel or pamper yourself. Basic requirements are a driver’s license, a good driving record, and a reliable vehicle since you must drive your own. You can even rent a car with Lyft if you do not have one. Setting your own hours and being your own boss are appealing features.

One tried-and-true 2nd job is in the fast food industry. This used to be standard for teenagers who wanted to have a first-job opportunity, but today’s tight job market have made these positions competitive by older job seekers who have responsibilities beyond the need for gas money or money for dates. However, for those who have a flexible schedule, it is still worthwhile to investigate.

Online opportunities include positions like freelancing for a blogger. Blogging is fairly common today, and owners often need content to keep up with the mountain of subject matter that is required to sustain the blog. Look at those that you enjoy and that you find appealing. In addition blogging with WordPress makes it easier to monetize your blog, try sites like Demand Studios, Textbroker or iWriter for an array of content writing opportunities.

Another prospect is to set up an e-Commerce site and sell various items. Choose a niche, such as children’s accessories, and market it via Facebook, your website, other social media, or word of mouth. Selling online is a common way to earn extra cash, but try to find a market that is not already saturated. Handmade items are popular, but you may run into problems with filling orders if you get a large influx of sales.

A better choice might be to set up a virtual storefront and sell products without actually having inventory. Dropshipping allows you to process orders and have them shipped directly to the customer. The customer pays the shipping charges, and your net proceeds can provide a very nice auxiliary income. One caveat is to carefully choose your dropshipper. After ascertaining that he or she is legitimate, order a few items to check the quality before you open your “store” to the public.

Seasonal jobs are always great ways to earn extra money. Investigate holiday deliveries, summer festivals or resorts, summer camp counseling, or tax season preparation. Apply at a cosmetic counter in a major department store or become a sales clerk. The added bonuses are, in addition to the paycheck, you get a discount on the merchandise.

If you are not squeamish about having strangers in your home, you may want to consider hosting guests through AirBnB. It is easy to register. Simply go to their website and complete the application, providing the required information. If you travel often in your regular job, you can make a nice income while you are away. If not, and you are fearless, rent a room even while you are in town. This is especially attractive if you have a separate entrance to a room that has its own bath.

However you choose to earn extra income, strive for an experience that is very different from your primary occupation. It provides a needed outlet, and you may find that you have interests and skills of which you were unaware.

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