The Things You Need To Know About Solar Panel Installation

The Things You Need To Know About Solar Panel Installation

For installing PV system prefer to get more than one opinion. While selecting a contractor, look over their work experiences, past records, and licenses. To install an effective and fix your PV system properly.

Ensure that your solar system or PV system is correct, installed, sized, placed, and maintained properly because these factors are necessary for enhancing the performance of energy. Must consider these points before installing a PV system:

  • The amount of solar resource you’ve obtained.
  • Select the size of your system according to your electricity needs.
  • The right location for system installation and the surface area it needs
  • Decide either you want to link your system to grid or not.
  • What are the necessary precautions to ensure the system is secure?

Hence, hiring an expert solar panel installation contractor will be better for you. During considering the contractors think about these following situations and their answers.

  1. How the companies install PV systems that are connected to the grid? If it’s not the situation, then How they’ve installed independent PV systems?

It is necessary to be a specialist in installing grid-connected system due to this component of installation such as specifically associating with the local utility, its special part of the system. Although a proficient company having experience in off-grid PV systems should not be removed because they didn’t installed off-grid PV system yet. Grid-independent systems are likely to be critical than grid-connected systems, hence off-grid system experience is necessary.

  1. The years of experience company contains in installing PV systems?

A contractor understands the strategies to use with customers and to cope up effectively with other firms if he is in this business for a long time. These contractors will also have the knowledge of latest technology, codes and the probable issues encompassing the PV system installation.

  1.   Check whether the company has license or certificates or not?

Make sure the contractor has the license for the installation of PV systems. The license or certificate would be of electrical contractor’s license holding by the contractor. You can know about either your contractor has legal electrician license or not by your regions electrical board office.

Similarly, general contractor’s license is necessary for those contractors who are serving local building departments. Get this information from your country’s licensing authority office.

The contractors must have all the information about installation of PV system, they can acquire it from solar rebate program. Solar industry can manifest special knowledge through different certifications.

Does the company have mortgages or pending judgments against solar installation?

A contractor based project needs full attention. You can have all the information about the judgment, or complaints against state-licensed electrician from the electrical board of your state. Customers should call their states boards to get all the information about contractors and whether they have licensed or not.

Always seek more than one opinion for installation of PV system but the basics of these opinions and bids must be same.

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