The Things to Look for When You Search Disabled Friendly Hotels

Finding a hotel that can accommodate your specific needs when you or someone you will be traveling with is disabled is a challenging job but one that can be accomplished if you have a specific list of things to look for and you know what questions to ask the hotel.

Most hotels will have the basics meaning ramps into their buildings and wide elevator doors that can allow for any sized wheelchair to enter and exit easily. But there needs to be much more made available for someone who is wheelchair bound. Here is a checklist for you to use when you search disabled friendly hotels:

Staff trained to load and unload the handicapped person

When the handicap person arrives from the airport chances are he or she will be extremely tired and looking forward to get checked into the hotel and to the room as quickly as possible. The guest will arrive in a van or a large car that can accommodate both the person and the wheelchair which may be folded in the trunk or the front seat. The right hotel will have trained staff who understand how to move wheelchair-bound guests from vehicles into the hotel.

The disabled person will have assistance traveling with him or her but will more than likely need the assistance of hotel staff. The staff should also be available and made aware in advance when the wheelchair-bound guest is coming back from any trips made from the hotel. This way the guest does not have to wait in the van or car for an inordinate amount of time. These procedures make the guest feel more comfortable and like the hotel is interested in his or her well-being.

Wide hallways and elevators

The hotel should have wide hallways that lead to every important area of the hotel. This includes restaurants, the pool area, the business center, and any outdoor areas of the hotel with a guest might want to frequent. The hotel should also have wide elevator openings and wide elevators to accommodate the wheelchair and other guests. Elevators should go to all floors.

Rooms should be wheelchair accessible

The hotel should have rooms that are specifically designed to accommodate guests in wheelchairs. These rooms will have specific amenities and setups that allow wheelchair guests to have the maximum level of comfort.  The rooms should contain the following:

  • Wide doors that allow easy entrance and exiting for the wheelchair.
  • Rooms that allow for the wheelchair to turn around within the room.
  • A bed that is built so the guests can easily move from it to the wheelchair.
  • Temperature and light controls that are reachable from the wheelchair.
  • Electrical outlets that are easily reachable from the wheelchair and don’t require bending or stretching.
  • Access to coffee, tea, and the writing desk in the room that the guest can access from a wheelchair.
  • A bathroom that has been retrofitted for wheelchair guess. This means toilets and sinks with safety bars and the wide shower that allows entrance by the wheelchair.

Be very particular in your search and use a site like that lists wheelchair friendly hotels in several countries.

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