The Importance Of Having A Positive Contact Centre Culture

The Importance Of Having A Positive Contact Centre Culture

One of the most important things for contact center companies is communication. It’s not just about providing the right information and support. What is even more important is the way in which that information is provided. In order to achieve maximum performance, you have to motivate your employees.

In order to do that you have to make sure that your contact centre culture is on a high level. With a positive culture, you’ll boost your employee’s efficiency and take the whole company to a higher level.

Here are some tips for achieving just that.

Have Confidence in Your Own Opinions

Most of the contact center companies base their goals on pure statistics and by doing that generate unrealistic targets. As a leader, you should always have your target in focus in order to achieve maximum revenues for your company.

If you set unachievable targets, no matter how hard your employees try, failure will wait for them at the end of the day. This can completely crush their motivation to even try next time. Ditch the statistic and use your own head – look into the past strategies and compare them with performance. By doing this, you’ll be able to measure your team’s potential and set new workable targets.

Be a Leader

The most common mistakes that directors of companies make is that they exclude themselves from the rules they made. Your employees look up to you – if they see you’re not treating them with respect, they will do the same.

Your actions, your behavior, and your words need to be on the same level you expect from your employees. This is how you set an example and build a core for healthy relationships within the company, which in turn will reflect the relationship your employees should have towards the customers.

Provide the Right Equipment

If your employees don’t have the right tools they won’t be able to achieve the peak of their performance. They will feel cheated because they worked hard to achieve goals but weren’t provided with the right equipment which would make their work much easier. They will soon get used to lower quality performance and start to slack off.

A lot of times leaders make promises for the required products, but they don’t have time to look for them, compare the quality and prices, and in the end, they give up or simply forget. The impact of an unkept promise is disastrous for the respect your employees have towards you. And where there’s no respect, there’s no motivation.

It’s not your job to actually find and bring the equipment, but you must hire experienced professionals in the area of B2B product and service sourcing e.g. Yakportal, who will make sure your employees get everything they need on time. Besides the fact it’s fast it is also cheap because these professionals will also find the lowest prices.

A Tap on the Back

Most of the company directors immediately feel sick when someone mentions recognition because they can instantly picture rewards they’ll have to give. This material approach affects a company’s culture badly because nobody gets deserved credit for doing good work. The thing is that rewards don’t have to be material every time.

Sometimes, a pat on the back can boost motivation more than any amount of money. Just remember how you felt when you first experienced recognition from your superiors. When their quality work is noticed, people tend to improve even more to justify the expectations.

Learn to Listen

The key to a satisfied customer lies in their opinion. Every company collects customer feedback data, but only a few of them really gets deep into the analysis. You need to understand that this data is the core of a gold mine – it shows you where and how to dig.

You should encourage your employees to develop this skill in order to target the right group of people. The key is in paying attention to other people’s opinion and you need to establish that in your company’s culture.

Let’s be Optimistic

Establishing a strong and a positive contact center culture is not something work you can do overnight. It takes a lot of time and patience and it certainly will have its ups and downs. You need to search for best solutions all the time because it’s not a task that needs to be completed, but a constant process of improvement.

Keep away from routine and show initiative. Provide the needed equipment and show your employees you appreciate their effort. Encourage communication and be first to listen. But, above all, remain optimistic. If you don’t believe in your company, no one will.

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