Study Architecture: TOP Popular Colleges and Universities In Ireland

Ireland is the world cultural heritage! The historical traditions and rich culture of the country gives wide opportunities to all foreign students. They can extend their social perspectives, creativeness. It is hard to find more attractive place for studying. The unique cold beauty of Ireland, dessert Atlantic shore, ancient architecture and glorious Irish history – this is the food for reflection and inspiration for many artists, writers. There are many special places in Ireland to study arts, architecture, photography, sculpture. Let us start learning them from the very beginning – Burren College of Art.

Trinity College, Dublin

College of Art, Burren

The Burren College of Art is situated in the little village Ballyvaughan, Ireland. It was founded in 1993. The collage occupies territory of the ancient castle of the 16th century. This is a unique atmosphere for every creative student. The Burren College cannot be stopped from active development, being the widely recognized school and artistic platform for artistic subjects. The scholarly programs are accredited by the National Irish University in Galway, attracting more and more creative students from all over the world.

Study Process

The Burren College of Art is educational establishment that promotes nonstandard approach to the art studies. This college puts different tasks to help students to develop their natural talents. If you are creative, independent, artistic and ready for experiments, it is difficult to find better place for studying. No more than 55 students come to study there. This is true. The study process is taken in calm and friendly surrounding. The teachers try to find individual approach to every next student.

The students are offered to live in the residence. It is 10 minutes far from the college and 15 minutes far from the Ballyvaughan village. The students can choose separate room with the private bathroom (3,000 EUR per half-year), or separate room with the unisex facilities (2,850 EUR per half-year), or room for two persons (2,200 EUR per half-hour).

Academic Program

The Burren College offers to all students chose special program according to their preferences. As a rule, bachelor programs contain all artistic spheres to prepare specialists for artistic professions in the best studios and galleries in the world. You can study painting, graph painting, sculpture, visual composing, photography, arts and crafts, history of arts, architecture. The price for study is about 16,000 EUR per academic year. It often happens that students need additional expenses for materials, transport, excursions.

Trinity College

Trinity College, Dublin

Meet the oldest and the most prestigious educational establishment in Ireland. This is the only one constitutive educational establishment in Dublin. It was created on the pattern of collegium universities of Oxford, Cambridge. In short, Trinity College, Dublin and the University of Dublin are synonyms. Remember that Trinity College consists of college and nothing more. The college campus is situated in Bellfield, 4 kilometers far from Dublin. Actually, the university campus is a modern complex of ultra-modern buildings of Georgian epoch. They are scientific laboratories, leisure centers, fitness centers, cozy cafes and shops, educational building and library.

The program consists of many faculties. If you are artistic person, you can try yourself in:

The College of Arts & Celtic Studies;

The School of Archaeology;

The School of Art History & Cultural Policy;

The School of Classics;

The School of English, Drama & Film;

The School of History & Archives;

The School of Irish, Celtic Studies, Irish Folklore & Linguistics;

The School of Languages & Literatures;

The School of Music.

Griffith College, Dublin

Griffith College is one of the biggest educational establishments in Ireland. The college campus is situated in the square of 7 acres, about 1 mile walking from St.Stephen’s Green in Dublin’s South Circular. The college is characterized with the high teaching level. The educational programs have already gained the international reputation. More than 8000 of students study in the college every year. The program contains academic, professional and short-term programs on the faculties of:


Interior architecture;

Interior design;

Fashion design;

Digital mass media communications.

Mechanical Engineering CAD - Richard Harvard Griffiths

University College, Dublin

University College Dublin is one of the biggest universities in Ireland. It was the part of the Irish catholic University many years ago. The college became the autonomous educational establishment in 1854. The choice of programs is wide. The university attracts students not only from Ireland, but from more than 50 countries of the world. More than 22 000 of students study there. The lecturing staff is about 1000 respectable academicians. The UCD is the first educational establishment in Ireland that prepares students in the sphere of sciences, liberal arts, technicians.

The university consists of 5 colleges, including 35 schools:

The College of Arts & Celtic Studies;

The College of Business and Law;

The College of Technical, Mathematics and Physics Research Works;

The College of Human Study;

The College of Medicine.

About 25 % of graduates are involved in the exploratory activity. The University programs are informative and attractive:

Agriculture, Food Facilities and Environment;

Architecture and Landscape Design;





Medicine and Biology Sciences;

Nursing care and Tocology;

Engineering Research;

Social Research;

Veterinary Science.

The university colleges and schools offer the variety of master’s and doctor’s programs in different directions. There are many research centers and institutes.

Dublin 2013 - 69

Dublin is capital of cultural, political and business life of Ireland. Every fourth citizen of Ireland lives in the capital. If something is happening in Ireland, it is all about Dublin. The dozens of universities are situated here. Of course, Trinity College is the most prestigious of them in the center of the city. Dublin is divided into two parts by the river. The banks of the river are decorated with fashionable houses, villas, historical buildings and shops. It is recommended to hire a car in Dublin to learn the city and meet the universities in the best way.

Never forget to leave your car and walk around the city to feel the culture of Ireland. Talk to the shop assistant of the nearest shop, dance national Irish dances in the pub and learn the houses in the city center. The architecture of the city buildings attracts you with modern style and ancient molding, big windows and mosaic facades.

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