Staying Sane With Several Jobs

Staying Sane With Several Jobs

In a perfect world, everyone would have one job earning enough to buy and experience everything they want. However, in this world, it is not uncommon to hold several jobs at once. While a regular full-time job pays the bills, lots of people decide to get another part-time job to reduce debt, gain new skills, enhance their professional experience and more.

When you have multiple jobs, the benefits extend beyond simply earning more money: you can meet new people, expand your professional network and enjoy more excitement in your life. Nonetheless, you can also become so busy and stressed that your productivity falters, your health deteriorates and you have issues in your personal life. By following a few helpful tips, you can minimize these downsides and maximize the benefits of working in a second or even third job.

Manage Your Time Like a Pro

When you have two or more jobs demanding your time and attention, you must excel in time management. Each week, prepare a detailed schedule that you stick to like a hawk. Include time for personal responsibilities, chores, and downtime in your schedule as well. Stay up-to-date on all your tasks. Procrastination can result in falling behind, and this can throw your entire schedule for a loop.

Because unplanned and unexpected things can and do arise from time to time, leave extra room in your schedule each day to handle these things or to even enjoy an impromptu dinner with friends. You also need to find time to prepare and eat meals, so do not overlook this important step when preparing your weekly schedule. If you do not have time in your schedule for everything that needs to be done, simply turn down requests for unnecessary chores and responsibilities.

Combine Work and Leisure

You will undeniably be very busy most days, and you may find it difficult to relax and unwind, take care of your health or even eat some days. You can always combine multiple activities and tasks together so that you can accomplish more in less time. For example, you may be able to telecommute to a meeting or respond to client requests while you stroll through the park to relax and get some exercise.

Another idea is to exercise at your desk, such as by doing some basic stretches to get your blood pumping and to feel more energized. You can even take your laptop to a park or beach, or you can work while you are waiting for the kids to do their afterschool activities.

Treat Yourself

It is critical that you remember to give yourself ample downtime. When you are fatigued or stressed, your productivity level can decline, and you may find it difficult to focus. Your health could even suffer. Ensure that you have ample time to get a full night’s sleep each evening. Periodically, give yourself a much-needed day off where you are completely unplugged so that you can relax and unwind.

Even on busy days, carve out time to relax, such as by having a quiet cup of coffee away from your desk or taking a short walk during your lunch hour. You also need to structure time between your two or three jobs so that you can make a mental transition and prepare for the new activities and responsibilities that you will be faced with.

If space allows, it is a great idea to set aside an entire room in your home as a relaxation zone. This space may have comfortable seating, ambient lighting, and even music. However, it generally would not have a TV or any electronics that could cause you to think about work when you need to relax. This is the perfect space to light a few candles, do some yoga stretches or simply meditate peacefully.

Keep Your End Goal in Sight

It is easy to get burnt out and to feel overwhelmed when you are working many long hours each day. Remember that you have a goal or reason for working at one or two extra jobs. You need to focus on this reason regularly, and you may even add a reminder to your phone, in your car or on your fridge. You could even monitor your progress toward achieving your goals so that you see the results of your efforts and feel great about your steady progress. Another idea is to set up small milestones and reward yourself when you accomplish them to help you feel better about the effort you have made so far. In addition, try to focus all of your work activities on things that will help you to achieve your goals in some way.

While working in multiple positions at the same time has numerous benefits, it can also be stressful, tiring and challenging in many ways. It can seem like a struggle some days, but rest assured that you can accomplish your goals associated with having a second or third job when you follow these helpful tips.

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