Remodeling Your Business? 3 Liabilities To Watch Out For

Remodeling Your Business? 3 Liabilities To Watch Out For

Like your home, your business may need the occasional update to make it look and function better. Before you initiate any renovations, however, you need to keep the safety of your employees and customers in mind. You can prevent accidents, injuries, and expensive lawsuits by watching out for these three liabilities as you remodel your business.

Dangerous Flooring

Remodeling the inside of your business can be messy. The contractors doing the work might spill water and other liquids on the floor. They also may leave materials like drop cloths in the walkways of people coming in and out of the building.

It may be hard to navigate the legalities of a situation, especially when you have the stresses of remodeling surrounding it. Consider talking to a personal injury attorney as a resource of information regarding questions you may have.

Exposed Electrical Wiring And Cords

Remodeling contractors often use electrical tools during the course of their work. Whether they are installing new lighting or cutting away drywall, they may inadvertently expose wiring and cords to people coming in and out of the business.

The tools’ cords can quickly become tripping hazards while the exposed wiring could start fires or electrocute people who come into contact with them. You should be on guard for these liabilities and take measures to keep work areas off limits to both your employees and the public.

Water Damage

Contractors who accidentally cause a pipe to burst or cut into a water line can create a huge mess that is expensive to clean up and dangerous to people in the building. The water damage might destroy not only your business’s assets but also the belongings of people who work for or do business with you.

You can minimize this risk by thoroughly vetting the contractors you hire for the remodeling projects you want done. You also can invest in insurance that will compensate you and victims of water damage if such an accident occurs on your property.

Your business may need to be renovated from time to time in order to keep it updated and functional. However, remodeling projects in your business can invite risks you might not be able to afford. You can prevent accidents that could harm people in your building as well as your budget by knowing what liabilities to be on guard for during the work.

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