Project Ara: new modular smartphone product from Google

The world attention turns to progress of Google’s project Ara recently. It’s a brand new modular smartphone where you can easily customize the phone hardware components such as speakers, battery, camera, etc. As a smartphone user, you are already familiar by the idea of customizing the phone. Selecting the right apps for your lifestyle and choosing the best case for the phone are few examples. Project Ara takes several steps forward allowing you to pick the hardware pieces that you want. In other words, you are building your own phone based on your needs.

Want to upload tremendous scenery to Instagram? Simply slide out the camera pieces, and slide in a better camera with higher resolution. Oh, you go camping for days and unable to charge the phone? Bring the extended battery packs with you. Another benefit is when a particular hardware broke. Just replace the broken parts only and the phone will be as good as new again. It’s a lot of easier and cheaper than buying a new phone.

Booming or boom out?

Some of you may ask if this product will lead to the next gen of the smartphone. Remembering the recent not quite successful Google product called Google glass, you can be skeptical about this upcoming product. But personally, I believe that project Ara will be the next big thing in mobile tech. well, indeed it’s not yet happened but most of the people excited about this.

For now, there are six slots available ready to be customized. Moreover, these slots are generic, flexible, and versatile. So it able to support any hardware function regardless the place you put it in. As long as it’s in the frame, it will work perfectly fine. The best thing about project Ara is plug and play system. There is no need to reboot the device to apply the change. It’s automatically detected the hardware and makes the device ready to roll in a minute.

Project Ara might perform the other device function too. For instance, a glucometer function for diabetic people. Google provide this module too in project Ara. You can check the blood sugar level with your phone. No need to bring extra device when your phone can do it too. This module can give you details regarding the sugar level and activity you should do or not. Indeed, not everyone need the glucometer but it’s a must have item for diabetic people. This is just one example of project Ara benefits and you can expect more to come.

Ideas like project Ara is selling well on the people. Modern generation have higher mobility and needs. Everything that is instant becomes the top priority. Project Ara is still developing but the hype already come. It’s a good sign if people reacted well toward the idea in the first place. With the many functions available just in one single device, people are getting more and more excited about Google’s project Ara.

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