Power Of SEO: How To Grow Your Business Website

Power Of SEO: How To Grow Your Business Website

Do you ever wonder how certain pages come up when you search for content online, instead of others? Well, that’s Search Engine Optimization. As a business owner, you can position yourself as a thought leader, reach out to more customers and attract investors, with SEO.

It works like a GPS for an online search, to help the user find content that could be useful to them. Its strategy is to supply the searcher with content that is relevant. Say, you are looking for biography writers for hire.

The search engine will consider the load time, links, backlinks, reputation, etc., of different websites and ranks them as suggestions. That is why your competitor’s page may come up first before your site. How then, do you maximize on SEO for your business, besides having a superior web design?

•    Share Keyword-rich content

When you are looking for content on the web, you usually have a particular keyword that you are looking for. If your website is enriched with those keywords, you improve your SEO ranking. Research on the phrases that prospective searchers use that is in line with your business, e.g., bio sample.

Using Google Keyword Tool will help you with that. It will help you determine the words that are worth integrating into your content. With the Google Keyword Planner, you will be able to create more ideas around the keywords.

It is ideal go for the words or phrases that have high searches and little competition.

•    Maximize on your Social Media Accounts

The different social media platforms are useful in increasing traffic to your site. You should consider creating a profile on the major platforms, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and much more. It is an avenue to build a community of followers, those who are passionate about your brand.

The next step to take is to share your content on your social media accounts. Try and keep your posts regular, varied and consistent. Add keywords like professional biography writing, where you can. Promote your business in some, it is allowed.

•    Ensure that your content is compelling

A compelling article is one that provides the reader with useful information. Once you know the keywords to use, you should curate compelling articles for your target audience. Remember to incorporate the relevant keywords as naturally as possible.

Just positioning different keywords in your posts, that doesn’t make sense, won’t cut it. For the best results, include your main keyword in the title of your article. You should also place it in the body of the content.

As you draft your article, you should have the reader in mind to be able to produce content that will intrigue them.

•    Reach out to Influencers in your area of interest

To add to the credibility of your site, you need other people to share your content. It will help you reach new audiences and drive traffic to your website. It is not enough to have others share your posts.

You need to foster strong bonds with influencers in your field. Share their content on your site. Post some of your content on other sites. Offer Guest Post opportunities on your website.

•    Use Google Analytics to measure results

The sure way to determine whether your efforts are a success or failure is to measure them. Google Analytics will give you insight on, the people visiting your site, how long they stay here, what they look for, etc.

Sign Up and test out the strategies that work and continue to use or refine them and let go of those that don’t add value.


Implementing the above tips will gain you more customers, attract potential investors and increase your SEO ranking. You want to be considered as a thought-leader in your area of practice, so, get started.

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