PhD Degree: Can It Carve Out a Brilliant Career For You?

For many students and professionals, achieving a PhD degree is one of the biggest goals. A lot of larger organisations believe that individuals with PhD’s are overqualified, but there are those organisations who seek out PhD candidates because they believe that they would be able to help grow their businesses. With that being said, there is no way that a PhD will ever hurt your career. In fact, I strongly believe that it would only enhance and improve your opportunities. Here are ways you can succeed with a PhD Degree.

Touch skin

In order for you to have achieved a PhD, you would have been required to do a PhD proposal. If you did not hire professional proposal writers or a PhD writing service, then you know how brutal it can be. There is no boss in the world that is going to shake you and you definitely will not take anything personal, when it is not. You have come through a lot of struggles and challenges by the time you achieve your degree and a difficult boss would just be another challenge. PhD professors mean serious business and you learn early on how to be respectful and get the job done, without being too bothered by the negativity around you.

No limits

When you have a PhD, there are no jobs that you cannot apply for. I mean, there are obviously some you should not apply for, but you can apply for any position, no matter how high up and still be It’s qualified. All you have to work on now is your social skills and how you present yourself to the board. You will definitely not be turned down because of your PhD degree. It will always be a bonus and a stepping stone into any level position.

You can create

During your PhD studies, you will experience a shift in the way you think. It may not become obvious at first, but there will be a light that goes on when the way you approach challenges change. A Master’s Degree student, is expected to take current information and present it in a new and fresh way. A PhD student, should create new information to be added to the industry. This is why only 2% of the population has achieved this amazing goal. You are able to create new ideas and strategies in any company and that is a huge benefit.


By the time that you have your PhD Degree, there is nothing that you cannot do. Well, I am sure you feel that way and rightfully so. You have emerged from the other side and you made it all the way home. All PhD students are competitive, but also have the ability to work in a group. The only problem is, if a group of PhD students are working in a group, everyone wants to be the biggest contributor.

Problem solver

I am not talking about emotional issues between your co-workers, but business problems. Your mind is so conditioned when you are a PhD student that you can come up with solutions automatically. This is of great benefit to any organisation because they need people to think outside of the box and come up with the right answer when things seems to go wrong. If you are only considering doing this degree, you might not think that anything can change the way you respond to situations, but ask anyone who has been through it and they will tell you differently. This is why a PhD student is not simply replaced by someone who does not have the mind-set of a PhD student.

Failure is a learning curve

Even if you are an intelligent human being, you must have failed at something during your PhD program. I am not even talking about failing a module, but just not achieving the marks you thought you should have. As a PhD student, you learn to find the lesson in the failure. If you have failed many times, you stop being afraid of failure and let me tell you, there is nothing more powerful. You are willing to take more risks and that is what some businesses need to help their growth.

Professional networking

Many students are opting for online classes these days versus face-to-face teaching. There are still classmates you need to network and connect with. You all need to stay in contact and help each other grow as time goes on. Many will work in different industries and you never know when you will need a contact in a specific industry. This is when you call up your buddy from the PhD program. It is important to not only look at your own short-term success, but to think further into the future when it comes to your career.


There is no reason for you to not do your PhD. Even if someone gives you a reason, I still would not believe it or let it stop me. The benefits far outweigh the negatives when it comes to completing this degree. Allow yourself to move up the corporate ladder by starting as soon as possible. We always hear stories about the money wasted on this degree and then leaving graduates without jobs and in debt. Imagine not having that PhD and you would be even worse off when it comes to finding employment.

Perhaps in the moment of the published story, this individual did not find a job, but I encourage you to check in after a while. You will find employment and you will move up in your current company or move to a better position in another organisation. How could you not succeed after changing the way you operate as a professional, because that is what this program will do to you? Give your best when you are doing this degree, because you never know who around you could be opening doors for you one day. It could be your professor or one of your classmates. Your new career starts on the first day of this program.

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