On The Road Again: 5 Health Tips For Truck Drivers

As with most careers, over the road trucking in a Freightliner truck has both pros and cons. If you have chosen this career, you may know that some of the pros are found in the money, benefits and opportunities to choose routes. There are also cons to the career including long hours on the road that can have a negative impact on your health. There are ways that you can turn that trend around.


This may seem like a simple option, but the right type of walking can help you keep good heart health. A simple brisk walk around the parking lot or rest stop area can do wonders for your alertness. It can also burn calories and aid in controlling diseases such as diabetes.

Pack Your Meals

Choosing to go to the grocery store instead of the truck stop restaurant can have the biggest impact on your health. Stocking healthy fruits, vegetables and snacks will increase your overall feeling of well-being and health. If you are on the road for several days, making the time to stop when you run low on these healthy foods decreases the likelihood you will go for that greasy burger.

Drink Water

Keeping yourself hydrated leads directly to a healthier heart. Most of the liquids you consume should be plain water. This point cannot be overstated. Not only is dehydration dangerous to health, it also has a negative impact on your ability to stay alert while driving. Remember that you can become dehydrated long before you feel thirsty. Drink regularly!

Eat Smaller, Frequent Meals

Taking the time to stop for a few minutes to have a small meal or snack and walk around the truck a couple of times can definitely add to your healthy lifestyle and your alertness on the road. This keeps you from that full, drowsy feeling which can lead to a dangerous driving situation.

Sleep when Necessary

With the time crunch most truckers face, it can be difficult to get enough sleep on the road. This can have a very negative impact on your health. If needed, take a short nap during the day.

Truckers have a great deal of responsibility on the road. Not only do you get our goods to the market, but you also have to be around for your family. If followed, these tips can help you stay healthy.

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