New Perspective on Link Building Strategy

It is important for us to know about the most proper link building strategy, so we are able to obtain the best possible results with our SEO campaigns. It plays an important role in our overall effort to gain better ranking. The real PageRank is calculated based on Google highly secretive formula. In general, we should get links from websites with high PageRank, preferably 5 or more. If you want to perform long term SEO effort, it is important to ignore PageRank and focus on content development. If we aim to get link from external websites, we should make sure that they are highly relevant to our website. If readers find it interesting to read from those websites, they should find it even more interesting to read from our website.

It is clear that successful link building strategy is all about having the best possible content in our own market, industry and field. Even if our website is new and still has zero PageRank, we have achieved much if our content is much more interesting than what the competitors have. Other than monitoring the amount of backlinks, we should also check whether our content is appropriate enough. There are many ways to check the website of our competitors, such as check the source of their popular pages. This should allow us to check whether they use specific keywords in meta tags and other locations. As an example, we may notice that those popular webpages have anchor text for links that are relevant to their primary topics.

IP addresses have significant importance to link building strategy. Other than getting backlinks from relevant and high quality websites, we should make sure that we get backlinks from many different IP addresses. It means that if we get links from multiple websites that are hosted in the same shared server, This is because their IP addresses are similar. We should know that our page rank is influenced by the number of inbound links. Internal links have much reduced effects than external links. SEO is about outranking new and older websites that focus on the same keyword. This is possible to achieve if older websites start to neglect their SEO campaign and they don’t focus on getting positive inbound links.

 Link building strategy is fairly complicated and we should look for instructions that explain this process in great detail. Common methods can be quite time consuming and require a lot of effort. This also involves managing a lot of information. This is where many SEO eoftware truly shines, since we get all the information we need. During link building strategy, it is important to avoid reciprocal link trading, because it is very easy for Google to detect that. Search engine may nullify the effect of direct link trading and if we overdo it, there’s a good possibility that our website will be penalized. Three-way link trading is also not foolproof and there’s still a way for Google to detect that, again if we overdo it.

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