Luxurious Leadership: 3 Perfect Destinations For Your Management Retreat

Many luxury resorts around the world are now catering to company retreats. Management retreats provide many benefits. Company retreats can help you identify areas where your business may need tweaking and it encourages company leaders to work toward a common goal. You may even discover some hidden talents in some of your management team that you can use to promote your company. Finally, when co-workers socialize outside of the office setting, they feel a sense of belonging and inclusion, making them feel more like family. If you are considering a retreat for your management staff, these three locations offer some of the best amenities available.

Costa Rica

Resorts like Blue Osa located on the shores of the Osa Peninsula, are now catering to corporations, encouraging them to bring their staff to the resort for team building as well as relaxation. Many resorts in Costa Rica offer options like ziplining to get your management team’s adrenaline going. They also offer yoga and meditation classes designed to help your staff manage stressful positions. A retreat in Costa Rica allows your staff to take a break from business as usual and focus 100 percent on the task at hand. Most resorts offer open-air conference rooms designed for your staff’s relaxation as they work together to help grow your business.

Cabo San Lucas

It was not that long ago that Cabo was nothing more than a small fishing village, but it is now one of the best locations for corporate retreats. There are many different resorts in Cabo San Lucas that cater to management retreats so it is recommended that you use a Los Cabos Real Estate professional to find the perfect location for your company. Cabo offers many team building options, from adrenaline inducing activities to quiet reflective activities. Cabo is easily accessible at the tip of the Baja Peninsula. The area enjoys over 300 days of sunshine every year and the average temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The venues in the area offer all meeting amenities like moveable partitions and furniture, catered meals and snacks plus all the supplies you need. There are even villas for rent or sale that allow you to spend quiet, quality time with your staff in a luscious tropical atmosphere.

Macal River, Belize

If getting back to nature is how you think your staff will bond best, the Macal River Camp at Chaa Creek is the perfect option. Your staff will stay in tents with only gas lamps at night, falling asleep to the sound of howler monkeys and other jungle animals. Each night, they will enjoy a campfire, complete with roasted marshmallows. The campsite is located on the grounds of the Lodge at Chaa Creek which also has a conference center for meetings. Anyone staying in the camp has access to the conference center pool as well. The tents are far from the old canvas types you may remember from boy and girl scout camp, however. They are large, glamorous and filled with many amenities, including actual beds and linens. The surrounding jungle offers a wide range of team building exercises as well.

If you are looking for a unique, exciting location for your next management retreat, these three options offer team building, relaxation and stunning views that will take their breath away. Why not treat your hard-working staff to a retreat that will not only encourage them to work as a better team, but also give them a chance to enjoy some stunning, beautiful scenery in an exotic location. Rather than giving your management team a trinket like a golf polo or keychain, show them how much you value their service and plan your next corporate retreat at one of these beautiful places.

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