Integrating Your Instagram Account Into Your Website Is The Best Idea For Digital Marketing

Integrating Your Instagram Account Into Your Website Is The Best Idea For Digital Marketing

Designing a whole website is no easy feat. It becomes especially difficult when you have to create an image-heavy seller website. E-commerce sites are notoriously incompatible with SEO, and that is nothing new. However, a combination of these makes it extremely difficult to come up with a website design optimized for leading search engines and ideal for high-quality UX.

First things first, when you are creating a seller website, you need high-quality images. What if you could directly source your images from your Instagram account? That is entirely possible and an excellent idea too. You can use a multitude of tools to directly convert your Instagram account into a website. However, that is not a smart move. Since your site needs e-commerce features, you need to start with an e-commerce friendly CMS.

How to Inspire Web Design from Instagram?

The best way is to integrate your Instagram feed directly to your website. You should embed it on your homepage, so your users have a clear idea of the brand image and quality. Your Instagram page can create an entire webpage worth of content. If you want, you can easily mask the source of content as “editorial” or “special edition” and your buyers do not even have to know that it comes directly from your Instagram account. Confused about the process? Take a leaf out of Vu Sunglass’s website. They source a huge section of their homepage content from IG and label it as “Editorial” for their buyers to see.

How to Add More Links?

You can take the Instagram sourced design up another notch by linking the thumbnails or images to the actual products. Clicking the images can lead the user directly to the point of purchase, which has PoS in place for secure transactions. The entire process is as smooth as it gets and you do not have to sweat a bit to create original content that appeals to your new customers.
The only disadvantage of using Instagram to sell your product is the lack of live links. Right now, only the bio allows you to add a live link to your profile. You can use Like2Buy and other platforms to link your Instagram accounts and pictures to your ecommerce sites. You can also try FourSixty; this platform connects Instagram accounts to live e-commerce sites.

Always Get Fresh Content

If you are running out of original content for your web pages, source content from your Instagram feed. Start hashtag campaigns like LIVESTRONG or Nike to get unique and quality content from your users. Seeing themselves on the homepage of a site is sure incentive enough for your followers to share more content using relevant hashtags on your Insta profile. This increases your real Instagram followers and at the same time, gives you enough new content to keep your pages populated every day.
Instagram provides a convenient yet unique way for website design. Whether it be a portfolio or an ecommerce site, you can never run out of fresh content when you have Instagram by your side.

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